Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Story Underneath

 I was perusing my local daily news paper -i will not dignify it with a link or naming it, though it is easy enough to place an educated guess if you have intimate knowledge of NYC and the five boroughs. This paper is caustically pseudo liberal/ progressive, this despite that it's overwhelming prospective audience is far more likely to be more right of center. I found an interesting article on Huntington Station finally taking an offensive stance to combat rising Gang Violence. Huntington Station has been witnessing over several decade's worth of climbing Gang violence and crime since the mid 60's but a far more staggering stretch of assault and killings since the 1990's. The final proverbial nail in the coffin was that Huntington School Board deemed the area soo unsafe as to close the Jack Abrams Intermediate School. Of the course paper says much about the underlying issues like sub standard housing, economic development lag, and a lack of recreational and educational programs. The author would like to shift blame across a wide spectrum of diverse causes and cases to blatantly avoid seeing the obvious trend that is quite easy to recognize in the demographics.

 The total population of Huntington Station is just 33029. A full one third of this community is Hispanic and while that is NOT the problem REPEAT THAT IS NOT THE HEART OF THE PROBLEM it is reason for the larger untold story, the illegal immigration population that has flocked to such communities. And again, that is not the deepest root of the problem either, the facts is - Gangs such as MS-13 and Latin Kings are feeding off this group. They are victimizing the hard working honest illegals here solely to work and make their way in life. Some are the fuel of new recruits but that is the smaller issue. The reason the illegals come to communities such as Huntington Stations is b/c of the leniency these host hamlets and villages (IE: Glen Cove, Wyandanche, Dix Hills, And others)  have for such individuals. There is little to no attempt made to reach these persons by local law enforcement and with valid reasons.

  Town police forces can neither arrest persons for immigration violations nor can they legally question a persons legal status of citizenry. They have been warned of several ill effects that may indeed come of it. They could land up in legal trouble b/c groups such as La Raza conduct operations to ferret out officers who seek such information, and also questioning a person who is here illegally often results in less useful chatter coming in from the community on a whole. So now the average local Police officer is operating with mental restraints that essentially make it easier to turn a blind eye to much of what is going on around him/her.

 Huntington Station has long had elements of street gangs in it. Bloods and Crips have been in the region since escaping the LA county in CA long ago. And while they certainly are not a benefit in any community they have spoiled, they seldom have brought the Long Island communities to such straights as the South American Gangs have wrought. & True enough these gang wars always escalate the violence to the south end of near hellish conditions. When MS-13 takes out another gangs area it is without mercy until they possess it entirely.

 My larger point is the fact that the number one prey for any of these gangs is the local illegal immigrant population. Due to their fear of being deported they simply do not report being a victim of most crimes committed against them. Being unreported, just how certain can one assess this? You need only to visit the local ER and interview the hospital staff - you soon discover the traumatic numbers endemic to these crimes. If Huntington Station truly wants to get a handle on the gang violence there, This is the holy grail of fighting it. They need to be in the shadow of the undocumented, they need to be witnessing the extortion brackets of the citizen and non citizen groups. They need to get into underground societies that band together to support these groups as well. Not with the intention of rounding up the solid folks but to grab the scumbags who are hunting them.

 I have another bone to pick on this issue as well. It is all to common for most news media to pick up the story of some poor undocumented worker beaten or killed when the perpetrators are white. But very rarely are we reported to about Hispanic on Hispanic crime unless again we can point to a larger group . . . A Street Gang. A title to the villainy but who is in the Gang? Are they made up of a bunch of preppy white kids from Whitelandia? NOPE or more precisely Not in any number worthy of trying to ferret out, it is less than a percent. The Demographics of Gang members in the US in total are as follows;
 -over the age of 18,
 -Hispanic or Black minorities
  So it is rather sad reporting when the best story being sold by the media is when of those prototypical enemy of minorities, Whites are gunning down the peaceful citizens and non citizens indiscriminately. And when  there exist an avenue for the P/C crowd to avoid mentioning a Same Race on Race Crime & they have the chance to gloss over things w/ Gang violence tag -You can be assured they will run with it with a clear conscience that they have not crossed a line of racial smearing of the minority du jour.

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