Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Fading Pulse of a Republic

. . . A Country within A Country . . . 
 Picture this . . . Your entire life you were informed that you were loved & cherished. That how you cared for things & how you determined the proper way to make decisions was not as pivotal to the successful relationship as you were once led to believe. You are but an aberration, a ghost like vision haunting the current process a glitch in the system. People you assumed would always get your back were actively seeking to send you a way. 

 That is the new normal of our Political System in the United States. We the people are obsolete. Not even in just the matter that our votes do not matter in a time of Huge Financial Super PAC organizations both party's whore themselves to but even at a wholly individual level. We The Prodigy of United States founders and nation builders, are being relegated to second class citizenship as the Task Force for New Americans creates a Country within a Country.  

 This is a Long Story & one that has had multiple starts & stops, highs & lows, & it started has far back as the Immigration reform of 1967. Far to many points to reconcile here and now. But I feel this piece from Blogger Sara Noble a The Independent Sentinental gets to much of the details far more acutely than I can provide you myself .

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Once More Into The Brink

  Readers, Stalkers, Patriots, Spies, and various persons of undoubtable good taste. It has been a lifetime since I lasted posted on OutofOrder. Multiple situations over the past year arose, and demanded that sharp elbows and harsh words needed to be deployed. Certain Death and spiritual rebirths and all the other things that make a life the single most perplexing, stupefying, caustic, white knuckle ride one encounters have seemed to be launched upon me recently. Ah my sweet mistress, life, like a scorned lover you never cease to bemuse me while at the same time bring me to the utter edge of my sobriety. 

 It is a sad affair to need to inform you that a champion of Conservativism has indeed left us for a far better reward today. Stan Evans passed away today at the young age of 80 years of age. His sharp sense and caustic wit was not to be missed if the opportunity existed to see it in play, particularly against an unsuspecting foil. He left to us a legacy of fine work in his books and columns over the decades. Any piece in which he addresses his tangles with the Nixon Administration is a real eye opening and exhilarating joy to read/ listen to.