Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Story Underneath

 I was perusing my local daily news paper -i will not dignify it with a link or naming it, though it is easy enough to place an educated guess if you have intimate knowledge of NYC and the five boroughs. This paper is caustically pseudo liberal/ progressive, this despite that it's overwhelming prospective audience is far more likely to be more right of center. I found an interesting article on Huntington Station finally taking an offensive stance to combat rising Gang Violence. Huntington Station has been witnessing over several decade's worth of climbing Gang violence and crime since the mid 60's but a far more staggering stretch of assault and killings since the 1990's. The final proverbial nail in the coffin was that Huntington School Board deemed the area soo unsafe as to close the Jack Abrams Intermediate School. Of the course paper says much about the underlying issues like sub standard housing, economic development lag, and a lack of recreational and educational programs. The author would like to shift blame across a wide spectrum of diverse causes and cases to blatantly avoid seeing the obvious trend that is quite easy to recognize in the demographics.

 The total population of Huntington Station is just 33029. A full one third of this community is Hispanic and while that is NOT the problem REPEAT THAT IS NOT THE HEART OF THE PROBLEM it is reason for the larger untold story, the illegal immigration population that has flocked to such communities. And again, that is not the deepest root of the problem either, the facts is - Gangs such as MS-13 and Latin Kings are feeding off this group. They are victimizing the hard working honest illegals here solely to work and make their way in life. Some are the fuel of new recruits but that is the smaller issue. The reason the illegals come to communities such as Huntington Stations is b/c of the leniency these host hamlets and villages (IE: Glen Cove, Wyandanche, Dix Hills, And others)  have for such individuals. There is little to no attempt made to reach these persons by local law enforcement and with valid reasons.

  Town police forces can neither arrest persons for immigration violations nor can they legally question a persons legal status of citizenry. They have been warned of several ill effects that may indeed come of it. They could land up in legal trouble b/c groups such as La Raza conduct operations to ferret out officers who seek such information, and also questioning a person who is here illegally often results in less useful chatter coming in from the community on a whole. So now the average local Police officer is operating with mental restraints that essentially make it easier to turn a blind eye to much of what is going on around him/her.

 Huntington Station has long had elements of street gangs in it. Bloods and Crips have been in the region since escaping the LA county in CA long ago. And while they certainly are not a benefit in any community they have spoiled, they seldom have brought the Long Island communities to such straights as the South American Gangs have wrought. & True enough these gang wars always escalate the violence to the south end of near hellish conditions. When MS-13 takes out another gangs area it is without mercy until they possess it entirely.

 My larger point is the fact that the number one prey for any of these gangs is the local illegal immigrant population. Due to their fear of being deported they simply do not report being a victim of most crimes committed against them. Being unreported, just how certain can one assess this? You need only to visit the local ER and interview the hospital staff - you soon discover the traumatic numbers endemic to these crimes. If Huntington Station truly wants to get a handle on the gang violence there, This is the holy grail of fighting it. They need to be in the shadow of the undocumented, they need to be witnessing the extortion brackets of the citizen and non citizen groups. They need to get into underground societies that band together to support these groups as well. Not with the intention of rounding up the solid folks but to grab the scumbags who are hunting them.

 I have another bone to pick on this issue as well. It is all to common for most news media to pick up the story of some poor undocumented worker beaten or killed when the perpetrators are white. But very rarely are we reported to about Hispanic on Hispanic crime unless again we can point to a larger group . . . A Street Gang. A title to the villainy but who is in the Gang? Are they made up of a bunch of preppy white kids from Whitelandia? NOPE or more precisely Not in any number worthy of trying to ferret out, it is less than a percent. The Demographics of Gang members in the US in total are as follows;
 -over the age of 18,
 -Hispanic or Black minorities
  So it is rather sad reporting when the best story being sold by the media is when of those prototypical enemy of minorities, Whites are gunning down the peaceful citizens and non citizens indiscriminately. And when  there exist an avenue for the P/C crowd to avoid mentioning a Same Race on Race Crime & they have the chance to gloss over things w/ Gang violence tag -You can be assured they will run with it with a clear conscience that they have not crossed a line of racial smearing of the minority du jour.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Maureen Dowd and Hillary Clinton Abuse Women

Why is it that Liberals, in nearly total numbers, simultaneously appear to be suffering from an acute onset of dementia? Oh never mind. I just recalled, the general election in November and the fact that their meal ticket to the dance is the epitome of an Abject Failure.

I guess I assumed better of Dowd. That she could not be swayed to fall into the patently false meme of women hood's subjugation. I had obviously considered her intelligence to be of a higher pedigree than "typical suburban mall-rat". Someone easily marketed to and corralled with hi repetitive flash media, alleged valued big buys and the consensus gentium argumentum.

Fool me once, shame on me.

Picking up and presenting Hillary Clinton as a beacon to the masses as the defender of women's rights movement is stupefyingly sublime. Hillary Clinton who elected to play Tammy Wynette's song role in reality as the Stand by Your Man spouse? The same Hillary Clinton who's sole success in the electoral body politic, was to be elected State Senator of NY/ Bluesville Central, USA- on the shop worn coat tails of her husbands final presidential term. The loving wife to Mr. B.J. Clinton, the very high watermark of Misogynistic definition cira 1983 through 2001 (as far as the verifiable record stands, that is). But of course to a dyed in the wool liberal, President Clinton did not hate women, he just loved them too much, ask Juanita Broderick if she can find some solace in that spin.

You may wish to note lesser men, for lesser allegations, pay, on average, a much heavier toll for such things.

But I have digressed, what is exceptional about Hillary Clinton's latest speech is what, with her extensive legal background has neglected or more precisely, chosen to redirect to, for the benefit of appeal to womanhood. That is, the debate is not and has not ever been about acting cruelly against women. The matter is whether religious institutions, their assorted faculties & facilities can be required by government fiat to provide for services not recognized by their religious doctrines and/ or dogma. And that fight is one they can not win in any court that is following its constitutional predicate. So the left has spun the debate into outlandish arguments of oppression placed on women.

"Why extremist always focus on women remains a mystery to me, but they all seem to. It doesn't matter what religion they claim. They want to control women. They want to control how we dress. They want to control how we act. They even want to control the decisions we make about our own bodies and health care.
Yes, it is hard to believe that even here, at home, we have to stand up for women's rights and reject efforts to marginalize any one of us, because America needs to set an example for the world"
Hillary Clinton @ Women in the World Summit

Now there several fallacies SoS Clinton made in this portion of her speech. First off extremist tend to stone or lash their women folk when they do not follow their religious based laws. So right off the bat, Mrs. Clinton is swinging for the fences with her rhetoric red meat for the leftist mob. Next the fiction continues regarding control . . . Failure to provide free Birth Control is now considered controlling a woman? Really? It was that simple to wrest power away from my wife And I had simply failed to notice?  Simply refusing to purchase prophylactics and a man could gain complete control of the ladyfolk in residence and subsequent decisions like what to watch on television or where to eat out and better yet what side of the bed he wished to sleep on- Gosh Mrs. C you let the cat outta the bag now. . .

Where Hillary really gets me rolling though is @ the line about controlling women's health and body b/c ( well it is two fold as to what is pure stupidity) the fact that an individual or an institution doesn't want to provide a woman with birth control is the exact opposite of seeking to want anything todo with control - It is completely a Hands Off Approach! One could say it was a noninterventionist sexual policy! And the other thing
(**warning sophomoric satire ahead** ) I find it beyond hilarious regarding that particular statement, if men truly had control over women's bodies well, let's just say there would be great wealth of men walking around with a spring in their step and smile upon their faces. ( you were Warned )

Ms/ Mrs. Dowd goes further to point out how the Democrats shall reap the reward of fleeing masses of women with their birth control clinched tightly to their chests, running away from the Brutish Neanderthal Republican party. As if that were not the whole intention from the very start of this chicanery in the first place.

Fool me twice, Shame on Me

Team Obama needs an issue to win with. The three year long economic destruction he has created via policy decisions is of no help to them. They are Desperate to keep their illegal war with Mexico ( AKA Fast and Furious ) in the back pages of the press. Their jaunt into venture capitalism on green energy and job creation was wasteful, poorly conceived, and appearing each and every day to be more of a money laundering operation for Obama campaign bundlers. Stimulus jobs that never appeared, more rigorous drone attacks over foreign allegedly allies nations, extraordinary expansion of the presidential powers in the form detaining US Citizens ( w/out trial) merely suspected of being in association with terrorist groups or the current legislation aimed to shut off demonstrations and free speech protections.

Makes one wonder why Obama and his cadre of cacophonous cat callers are screeching scandalous lies to the female American public, don't it?

How true and fitting is Winston Churchill's quote-" a lie gets half way around the world before the truth even gets it's pants on"

This is nothing new for the left to out and out lie and then direct the fourth estate to repeat it, in non stop fashion until . . . eventually, the fiction is understood to be the reality. How villainous Maureen Dowd is for purposely abusing the privilege her female companions placed in her, by feeding them utter contemptible BS.

A message the GOP should be getting out to the Female Electorate? Someone is definitely trying to control and manipulate you and ain't US.

Please feel free to share expeditiously  . . . Comments welcomed . . .Go Forth and pick a fight w/ a liberal

Monday, March 12, 2012

What exactly is Mother Jones Spiking the Water Cooler With?

Re: Kevin Drum's article- Barack Obama's Had a Pretty Damn Good Presidency

Um . . . Alrighty Then, by the standards of Progressives and their radical notions of turning The US into a mirror image of euro socialism on steroids, I presume I can indeed fathom their reasoning, regardless of how fatally flawed it desperately is.

It is easy enough to spot the bated exuberance on the faces of most MSNBC on air hosts, or at the least, most of the time - the sole cable news organization out of the bias closet. And of course to witness any "campaign. / presidential pressor" he is making these days, you certainly can not miss the fainting adoring public impersonating a show at the local Aquarium - the Clapping Seal Throngs. I ought not have been surprised to find the astute staff at Mother Jones seeking to make Lemonade given the dearth of lemon bushels President Obama has served up.

Mr Drum is not happy though. He expected a more vigorous erosion of The US status quo,
a swifter double time march into the modern throes of social egalitarianism. A magnificent bloat of Government soo large & stupefyingly grand as to blight every vested interest in the private sector economy. In fact from his position, dare I say he had hoped to see the sun and sky blocked by the sheer girth of Government he would truly desire to report on.

Poor Kevin feels as though President Obama has abandoned his principled progressive ideology. Somewhere out there is evidence of Obama disregarding the enviro statist, ignoring the labor movement, trashing the education pleaders and just kicking the shit outta the narcissistic Occupy Protesters.(Special note- Mr. Drum obviously seems to have elected to willfully suspended disbelief that Occupy is an AstroTurf organized to fight off the nasty fact President Barrack is funded by Wall St and his potential GOP opponent is tarred and feathered, rightly or wrongly, with that blood libel of being a bail out 1 percenter )

Mister Drum laments Obama's hand off approach to dealing with matters in Congress and feels the President has been overly conciliatory to the GOP (John, I won the election ...) The general opinion on the left has been that the Administration should take charge and run the Congress over. Such as unconstitutionally declaring the Congress in recess and make appointments without the advise and consent of the legislative branch having a single thing chance to discuss it. See Richard Cordray NLRB appointment a travesty of power shift over the Congress. That said there is a deep well of disappointments of conservatives such as I have with the President's ability to garner a bipartisan support.His negotiation has been nil and lackluster. supporting Evidence would be Obama's healthcare plan, debt limit reductions, stimulus,& omnibus spending packages.

 Kevin Drum goes on to the key liberal issues that consist of Gitmo, Drone Attacks, Targeted Assassinations,Renditions, Torture, Patriot Act, & State Secrecy - fairly straight down the line of the reasons liberals really wanted to Bush swept out in 2004. And yet their Progressive Messiah has done little to nothing to change GW's policy and in fact has seized the new found powers of the Commander in Chief tittle with passion, zim and zeal  while the Progressives are in fact showing a bit worried disconcerting at the advance of the executive branch's ability to round up any dissident voices. And well should they be . . . This President unlike the majority of the past lacks a respect for following constitutional moorings and established processes.

 But here what Mr. Drum considers the best darn things President Obama has managed despite the divided Congress ( though the first 2 years he had a super majority- he could have essentially whatever he wanted)

 1. Passed Health Care Reform - The number ONE weight wrapped firmly around the US Economy's throat as it struggles to stay afloat

2. Passed the Stimulus - That Failed and dare I say - never was truly intended to create jobs but to kick back to his big time donors - Banksters and Greenies

3. Passed Wall Street Reform - Wall St helped write the mother F*#@!ing law -they are laughing themselves til they wet their pants - the Dodd Frank bill is eating the small time community lenders and banks into extinction.

4. Ended the War in Iraq - just in time to insure they collapse into a civil war despite all the blood and treasure we invested in a stable Iraq.

6. Eliminated Osama bin Laden - He popped a cap in OBL all by his lonesome is that right? BS - he green lighted the mission ( and inside white house sources say that was even difficult) based on intel collected over the years from multiple sources and tactics. . . do not pat him on the back . . . this single biggest get is simply b/c he voted "present" once again.

7. Turned Around US Auto Industry - Stop me if i am wrong but Chrysler is now owned by Fiat in Italy? GM is in a tug of war w/ China and Both still owe a boat load of money to the taxpayers. He could say Ford has managed nicely but they didn't take a bail out or get taken over by the Administration did they? NOPE

9. Repealed "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" - WOW well let us just see how well this works out before we give him a standing O for it.

12. Reversed Bush Torture Policies - We still have black ops sites and no we have absolutely no guarantee Enhanced Interrogation Procedures are not  being used in these secret facilities despite what the Administration says - They after all have proven themselves willing to lie at a moments notice.

 In the end run Kevin Drum and the rest of the Momma Jones crowd - they need to believe that they did not get duped. That the President is the mighty Progressive Messiah even if he is only human and flawed. They need to build his image b/c his presidency has been an utter and complete disaster. And perhaps the saddest part of that is they know it all too well.

 So what are they spiking the water cooler with folks? Hope and change?

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Too late, the heroes?

As Syria continues it's death spiral into history as yet another epic failure in the collective consciousness of humanitarian principles, a celebrated figure of the past has wandered to the storm front.

To a polite sigh rising from the exasperated global powers that be, those that legitimately are seeking a cessation to the violence Syria has erupted in, Kofi Annan has stepped to the center stage. In a somewhat ambitious attempt to either increase his "noirish" legend or to actually provide a single once of a yet unforeseen solution to the bloody conflict, Annan the former General Secretary of the United Nations has engaged the dilemma of a dictator brutally crushing his own people and the congealing masses of foreign combatants entering his country for their own heretofore unknowable purposes. ** meme cue the battle hawks of the Neocons Nation Builders**

I ponder darkly, why the western world breathlessly places much faith in the skills of Mr. Annan at all. The man seldom met a dictator he did not wish to lie down with from the cruel ruthless meddle of Saddam to the murderous Mullahs of Tehran, the madness of Kim Jong Il to the paranoia of Gaddafi. Annan proved no despot, tyrant or military junta was too inhumane to warrant his expressed disapproval. Except, of course George W. Bush .

The media paints a portrait of Annan as a champion that re enters the arena to vanquish, yet again, a malevolent evil. But a brief refresher of Annan's 10 years as the GSOUN depicts a terrifying counter image of a passive man in the face of unadulterated terrors of genocides, scandals and corruptions of humanitarian programs, and tragic repercussions of peace keeping assignments.

The very fact Annan has accepted the opportunity to broker a truce with Assad and his people should send a shudder down your spine and a deep instinctual sense of foreboding to a genocide to be born. If you feel that is over the top perhaps you may wish to brush up on the Rwandan, Bosnian and Sudanese genocides that blanket Kofi's illustrious career.

God have mercy on the Syrian people. The Lord knows Assad shall not be as cordial.

Location:In the shadows of Metropolis

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This and that

The puppet show the Democrat party is putting on is quite enchanting. They are masters of creating a narrative of their own choosing and distracting the focus from actualities. They have paraded a 30 year old activist/ law student to claim she is the picture of "every women" who has suffered under shoddy woman's health coverage and told tells of woe of other female students suffered such oppressive yoke ... Of a lack of insurance coverage for contraception...Which is not the actual debate . . . Despite the fact that media has done it's very best to report is if that is the problem ... The actual problem is the federal government doesn't have the ability to force religious institutions to insure persons to obtain services that contradict their doctrines and conscience due to the free exercise clause of the First admenment of our Constitution. 

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Realizing they would not survive that battle in the general public with a coalition of faiths that rallied to the side of the Catholic Church and their institutions, the Democrats swiftly changed gears and tried to race the media over to a false argument, that women are being denied healthcare, under a charade of an official setting for the fateful testimony of that young woman was not in any official federal hearing or committee & with a new found cause celeb in Ms. Sandra Fluke A devout Pro Abortion advocate.

  So this drone of " news" has carried on now for several weeks and recently culminated in a stupidity contest between the bombastic Rush Limbaugh and standard bearers of the left in faux horror over inappropriate analogies. And that in itself is a whole other conversation in itself. And that is the point.
Dancing around this conversation means not needing to address the crucial issues that are slowly crushing the population. 


 President Obama ' s policy regarding the energy sector is aiding the rising cost of gasoline and in turn affecting the cost of consumer goods

 The Justice Department has done everything but bury it's head below the sand in investigating itself (note* why the hell is there not a special prosecutor investigating?) on what essentially was an illegal war on Mexican citizens w/ project Fast and Furious.

 The swift passage of new bill that seeks to strip yet more of our first admenment rights ( an over zealous reaction law written in the wake of the Arizona shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords)

 But by all means... Carry on watching the puppet show... I am sure it is just too fascinating to look away from.

Peace b w/ u all

Friday, March 2, 2012

Andrew Breitbart the quintessential case for burnout over fade away

I never met Breitbart and I didn't regularly peruse his blog spots or his twitter account I read of his antics and was proud to know that somewhere someone actually acted upon the lunacy that bounced around in our heads to enact the truest form of social justice. Setting up ACORN w/ a faux Pimp and prostitute. Holding Weiner to his Weiner pic. Exposing Sherod so completely that a double take mistakenly exonerated her due to complete lack of comprehension ( hatip to Mark Levin/ Professor William Jacobson @ Legal Insurrection)

Andrew Breitbart passed away in the early Am of March 1st 2012. Within hours the conservatives lined the electronic main streets of the blogosphere with best wishes to the Breitobart family - fond recollections of the frenzied paces of this madman conservative setting fire to the left's sacred articles(all the while w/ a song in his heart)
- some scorching celebration from the targets of Breitbarts rhetorical fire breathing. Elated for their new found victory that they anxiously collected in Breitbarts passing that they could seldom manage during his life and career. I am sure - even now the realization of a satisfaction unearned is bitter only to those who had once tasted victory earned and hard fought for... Those that celebrate do so only because they had not the ability to stand beneath the scrunity that Breitbart brought to bare.

And to the irrelevant few of the left and of the right who elected to piss on the memory of the man. He didn't bother with in life and there for you deserve no better treatment in his death. Peace b w/ you all