Saturday, March 10, 2012

Too late, the heroes?

As Syria continues it's death spiral into history as yet another epic failure in the collective consciousness of humanitarian principles, a celebrated figure of the past has wandered to the storm front.

To a polite sigh rising from the exasperated global powers that be, those that legitimately are seeking a cessation to the violence Syria has erupted in, Kofi Annan has stepped to the center stage. In a somewhat ambitious attempt to either increase his "noirish" legend or to actually provide a single once of a yet unforeseen solution to the bloody conflict, Annan the former General Secretary of the United Nations has engaged the dilemma of a dictator brutally crushing his own people and the congealing masses of foreign combatants entering his country for their own heretofore unknowable purposes. ** meme cue the battle hawks of the Neocons Nation Builders**

I ponder darkly, why the western world breathlessly places much faith in the skills of Mr. Annan at all. The man seldom met a dictator he did not wish to lie down with from the cruel ruthless meddle of Saddam to the murderous Mullahs of Tehran, the madness of Kim Jong Il to the paranoia of Gaddafi. Annan proved no despot, tyrant or military junta was too inhumane to warrant his expressed disapproval. Except, of course George W. Bush .

The media paints a portrait of Annan as a champion that re enters the arena to vanquish, yet again, a malevolent evil. But a brief refresher of Annan's 10 years as the GSOUN depicts a terrifying counter image of a passive man in the face of unadulterated terrors of genocides, scandals and corruptions of humanitarian programs, and tragic repercussions of peace keeping assignments.

The very fact Annan has accepted the opportunity to broker a truce with Assad and his people should send a shudder down your spine and a deep instinctual sense of foreboding to a genocide to be born. If you feel that is over the top perhaps you may wish to brush up on the Rwandan, Bosnian and Sudanese genocides that blanket Kofi's illustrious career.

God have mercy on the Syrian people. The Lord knows Assad shall not be as cordial.

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