Friday, March 2, 2012

Andrew Breitbart the quintessential case for burnout over fade away

I never met Breitbart and I didn't regularly peruse his blog spots or his twitter account I read of his antics and was proud to know that somewhere someone actually acted upon the lunacy that bounced around in our heads to enact the truest form of social justice. Setting up ACORN w/ a faux Pimp and prostitute. Holding Weiner to his Weiner pic. Exposing Sherod so completely that a double take mistakenly exonerated her due to complete lack of comprehension ( hatip to Mark Levin/ Professor William Jacobson @ Legal Insurrection)

Andrew Breitbart passed away in the early Am of March 1st 2012. Within hours the conservatives lined the electronic main streets of the blogosphere with best wishes to the Breitobart family - fond recollections of the frenzied paces of this madman conservative setting fire to the left's sacred articles(all the while w/ a song in his heart)
- some scorching celebration from the targets of Breitbarts rhetorical fire breathing. Elated for their new found victory that they anxiously collected in Breitbarts passing that they could seldom manage during his life and career. I am sure - even now the realization of a satisfaction unearned is bitter only to those who had once tasted victory earned and hard fought for... Those that celebrate do so only because they had not the ability to stand beneath the scrunity that Breitbart brought to bare.

And to the irrelevant few of the left and of the right who elected to piss on the memory of the man. He didn't bother with in life and there for you deserve no better treatment in his death. Peace b w/ you all

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