Thursday, July 25, 2013

ponderously pondering the inponderable The Modern Alice's Restaurant

OK... if the IRS is going to share your financial information along with your medical records while the NSA is tracking your phone records and the local authority are monitoring your vehicle 's proximity and direction ... {breathe} all the while the precedent has been set to bring a successful prosecution of a defendant who had not committed a crime but had planned one AND despite that it has been fairly well established that if you can be deemed a threat to National security a Drone strike can & has been authorized to elimenate you w/ extremely prejudice...

how much is the tea in Shangra La costing the tourist from Walawala Kansas?

 ops... sorry lost my train of thought there...

 So-  the IRS is gonna manage your financial records PLUS your Insurance coverage right?  If You have a dependent that requires special needs and therapy and You decide you have need to move to a new residence will YOUR  financial information also indicate to a potential loan officer that
You are carrying a higher Medical coverage and therefore represent a higher risk ? Will it indicate why You are precisely doing that? Will it prevent you from moving into a houses that are not outfitted for persons w/ handicaps? Will it reject your loan based on the locality that you have selected to move your family to because that area may not be deemed accessible? Or Maaybe you are not the type of p[erson they want to see move into that type of community?

 Is that what the President is considering  "Your On Your Own Economics"?

 Wait ... so what if you get aggravated during some point of that mess? What if you start ranting like a fucking Madman & start screaming things like
" I Am Fucking VET!"
"You Can't Treat Me Like THIS!"
" You Oughta be Pumped full of 50 Cal Asshole!"
 & Homeland Security in coordination w/ NSA red flag you... (Back in 09 that is what the DHS was spewing to the local PD's  "BOLO (Be on the lookout) for Vets they can be radicalized by Anti Government Miltia groups")

 NSA Starts reading the family email threads between you and your liberallies and Progs siblings calling you a racist asshole because you think home loans ought go to people who can... you know... pay them off at some point OVER persons whom do not appear to have positive income flow.
-National Security tears out  a 12 page report single space in  type-font 10
"Oh Yeah this guy ain't right- he is one of those dangerous Tea Party folks." ( Badass VEEP Joey B and Senile Mitchell McConnell told the media- these dirt bags were all dangerous terrorists)

NSA calls the local five O (PD) into the investigation. They got pictures of you driving up and down the local avenues and boulevards. They establish your favorite haunts from the Seven 11 to the Gin joint on the turnpike - Establishing how you seldom fully Stop at the intersection of Gray  and Cromwell Despite the obscured Stop sign behind the overgrown American elm tree branches.

   They also note the fact you are frequently passing the house of  a bitter ex wife's grand aunt of a second cousin of a family friend who knows your Loan Officer at the Mortgage company Who in turn just soo happens to posses the name and number of the IRS Agent that has provided your info regarding financial and medical status.Related this information back to the NSA they track the Location of your cell phone to determine you are spending huge amounts of time in the lu according to the blueprint of your homes construction Cross referencing that info with the itemized account info from your municipalities water bill reported to EPA they are determining you are using excessive amounts of water on a nightly basis. Adding to this when they access your credit card information and discover you are also regularly in contact with a South Korean Deli Owner who's father was captured & killed by the North during water boarding interrogation.

 Still "Your On Your Own Economy" Right?

 Well let me tell you the shit gets hot and heavy after that... Suddenly your name is rocketing up the "charts" and "graphs" and "BOLOs"  and "CopaFeel"  & "No fly's" Lists Until finally, the Be All & End All  of lists. The "Terminate w/ Extreme Prejudice" list for The President of the United States  himself (AKA POTUS);  reviewed every Tuesday with immortal like attention to detail; promptly just after brunch @ 11:00 am and just before the Tee time at 11:35 am. The final nail in your coffin arrives when researching your high school records the file receives it Coup De Gras piece of information . . . You apparently wrote a short fictional story detailing the assignation of a politician who because of her abdication of responsibility her lecherous husband contracted Ebola via his well photographed penis. ( it actually was a much more intriguing and cutting edge in the 80's when it was first written. It received a a flourished B+ due to the abmissal popularity of the first lady at the time.)

 Anyway ... It Is still an YOYO economy

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Liberation of Death Camp Detroit & the Art of Grift

 It has been decades in the making. Rife contiguous failed leaderships, corrupt machine party politics, the desperate fleeing of capital in bodies, minds and ventures - all essential ingredients to making the stew called the American Ghetto. Like other failing desperate cities it has fresh new expensive playgrounds in a sad attempt to lure  families back into the rotting carcass of the once famed "Motor City". But families do not turn to ruins to seek gains in prosperity and better times, they seek higher grounds. Places where family is a cherished word  where children are viewed not as mistakes or accidents but treasures and promise. Families prefer streets that are not war zones for rival gangs and cops who speed through refusing to enter the crumbling canyons of abandoned buildings.

 Motown was once the city of the future. Destined to advance the charging full bore American Dream but what it has become is a  mangled wretched signpost on the avenue of Broken Dreams.

Detroit residents shuttered when in 2008 Chevrolet and Chrysler staggered by the enormous weight of a mix bad money management, poor labor negotiations & an economy that just discovered abruptly the fallacy of ever rising real estate pricing. It was Hell or high water. And the federal government extended a life line 1st through Bush Jr than a temporary hostile take over from Barack Obama. That was going to save the whole works -except, it did not.
  More rational minds recognized the likely reality- Chevrolet & Chrysler needed to get lean and That was not gonna be in a tax morbidly obese city such as Detroit. They were gonna need the flexibility the Union higher ups like to call scabs, in places as close as Virginia and as far off as Outer Mongolia. Talk about Competition! That fact also was not going to prevent a media industry from pumping up the illusion for the Commander in Grift either. The Campaign of 2012 was quite clear "Chevrolet was alive'... and by virtue so was the heart of Detroit. But policy that reflected " Das Capital - a Workers Paradise" mentality made sure that manufacturing had to get out of the land of ever rising wages and benefits. By the 1970's they were eager to head across the oceans to cut those expenses and still maintain a market in the emerging new middle classes of Asia. & even now in the ever darkening pit, the true believers blame capitalism for their misery, completely unaware as they stare at the last vestiges of shimmering light in the skyline through cyclone fencing, barbed wire and concrete barricades.

 & yet on the same day that Detroit faces its bitterest pill to date, for ill fitted faith in hustlers and charlatans the POTUS is speaking "off the cuff" to the systematic inequality of & bigotry for the Afro American Male under the ruse of an unjust trial for the killing of Trayvon Martin. Look no further for the empathy in his words Detroit, You are just collateral damage. Your plight needs to be pushed to the back pages of the Corporate media agitprop IE The NY Times & Washington Post. But you are not alone- the residents of Chicago and several California cities are there to commiserate with .

 To date the city has witnessed to departure of more than a quarter million people. The only poor souls left are the ones too poor to leave. Theirs is the quiet desperation of the soft bigotry of lowered expectations. All this began to crumble long before the current POTUS came on the scene But He grifted a nation and it's citizens with flowery rhetoric of social justice. Today Detroit residents can come to understand how it is that equality in misery is no path towards a world that is desirable for any.

Friday, July 19, 2013

What if it were in reverse...

Too much time and effort has been dedicated to an obviously sad and stupid tragedy that cost a young man his life . I just wanted to point out to folks that state- if things were reversed - If Trayvon Martin had killed Zimmerman in self defense 1) the national media attention would have never materialized ( the Zimmerman case did not become national until the Racist Al Sharpton & his National Action Network flamed the flames) 2) it would probably resemble the The Roderick Scott Case in NY

The fact that executive branch is weighing in on this case & the National Media hanging on it w/ baited breath is to show how willingly people get conned. POTUS & AG Holder have a big time desire to distract from their current dilema's. Obama is looking at a big fail for his signature issue The affordable care act. While Holder is caught trying to suppress a vigorous effort to get to bottom of several issues.- From spying on reporters to investigating the IRS targeting of political opposition. They are Grifters by and large.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

EEH... Not

McClatchsky's reporting "Secret" Insider Threat program -
essentially to be on the look out for your fellow employees possible leaking classified info. Better make sure y'all not piss off anyone in the office lest you have file opened on you. Make sure not to bitch too loudly about your divorce settlement or else they think you may be turned-

Aint it funny ? When a group of Congress people ask the IG's @ State & DoD about background vetting of employees - the Hue & Cry of McCarthyism goes up- But POTUS thinks turning some 5 million Federal Employees into insta rats is A - Okay.

I recall a group who used to ask Children to fink out their parents- believe the adults typically were rounded up forthright, tried, & swiftly found guilty - Congrads on your new position in the Gulags Comrades.

Eh ... & yet we should not been concerned when A Major in the Army is openly encouraging Jihad to Fellow soldiers .

Welcome to Amerika folks!

Monday, July 8, 2013

May You Live in Interesting Times

Happy Post Independence Day! Time shrug off any rust you may have gathered over the Holiday & get back into fighting form this effort is usually a full Monday recuperation process for those fortunate enough to have business that takes off on the holidays.

There are thousands of issues that have crossed the road since I last made an attempt to post here. There is no way to address most of them w/out substantial back story- so I'll pass on that.


Elliott Spitzer AKA Client#9 AKA failed CNN Host has thrown his hat into the campaign forum in a run to be the City Comptroller. While completely unrelated aside from Party affiliation & general Scum Baggery" Anthony Weiner is in the lead to win the Dem nomination for Mayor! Who's next , Shelly Silver Attorney General? Pee Wee Herman for Commish?
Sodom and Gomoraha are spinning in their respective graves-... Few things will make people look back in the final usurpation term of Nanny Bloomberg fondly but these buffoons sure seems to be aiming for just such a goal - Talk about Low Balling It!

It's Deja Vue All Over Again
The Scandalache of the Obama Administration is setting off a great many flashbacks for anyone willing to view history and politics in an honest way. The second term of the current POTUS is reflecting images of Tricky Dick