Monday, May 21, 2012

This & That

 I wished I possessed the time to promptly comment of the issues and subject matter as they launch from the miscellaneous news sources. Alas I do not, and often find myself skimming a variety of clipped pieces I had desired to state one thing or another. Blah blah blah We WE WE all the way home we ride to the fairly cathartic release I really do write this blog for ( Yeah, I do Recognize there stalkers visiting the blog and I appreciate you guys as well, EVEN if you are the Undercover FBI types)

 Tomorrow is the sentencing of Dharun Ravi. The room mate of the deceased Tyler Clementi, who elected to leap from the George Washington Bridge rather than face the world or at the very least, the possible 12 people who actually sat back & viewed a livestream of Clementi, ... wait for it... sucking face with an other male ...(OH the SHOCK...Oh the Horror!!!!  I should have warned you before... i know, I am devilish like that at times) an Gay Freshman at Rutgers University in NJ.

 I am coming off as too calloused here? The Poor Boy is Dead. For anyone causally wandering in to Out Of Order blog here from the wide wide world of websites, particularly ANY LGBT supporters surely is spitting vindictive s at me for my ugly homophobic stance. Except, the people who are gays and lesbians who actually know me. Sorry to say to the bisexuals that i have met, None of you  really strike me as a separate category of sexuality & well i can't talk to Transgender folks since I have yet met any to really get a sense of their own issues. Back to the Point . . . regardless of being a shitty roommate . . . regardless of what Ravi thought he was doing by live streaming Clementi's date night . . . the Biggest Issue was Clementi electing to solve his very public outing by leaping to his death off the George Washington Bridge. That is a fact all too many people are willing to throw below the tides of anger and regret.

 Ravi has gone to trial for invading Clementi's privacy, bias intimidation, evidence tampering and witness tampering. All of those charges carry a prescribed penalty and should not be avoided. But for the court of Public Opinion, that would like to see Ravi sentenced to a an undue penalty because it soothes their own hearts for the tragic senseless death, one young man felt he had no other recourse to take but to end his life . . . That is folly and does not bring justice to the matter in any real sense.

 OWS has taken to the streets of Chicago to protest the start of the G8 nations summit. Unlike many Conservatives I ain't slamming the OWS entirely. I have my issues with them and how they thus far have brought their unhappiness to rain upon the average citizens of cities and not to the Government that has overseen this calamity. I do see this as being a justification used by state and federal law enforcement to continue it's ever growing intrusion into the US population. I am not sure if the OWS hierarchy can realize how their actions are going to drive the public to demand officials to take more and more steps to stop the protestors and their chaos. It is the classic problem of treating Symptoms and not the Infection. Our real ailment is not the staggering unemployment, not the college debts, not even housing crisis. It is our Monetary System. Failure to attempt to get back sound financial policy will destined us to continue this long death spiral.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Conversation vs Confrontation or Reductio ad Hitlerum

 It was Mothers Day yesterday even something as simple and earnest as that can be drawn into a political hair grabbing clawing slander fest between the Left & the Right. Wow - we really have become truly viscous to each side. Let me explain.

 On Mothers Day, I had vowed as much to myself as to my Beloved Wonderful "Misses" that I would carry the day. I would be chief parent in all things our brilliant yet devious daughter would crave,design,or reek havoc upon. I was to be the Dog Whisper for our Massive doggie posse Feeding, relieving, maintenance and discipline,the Sunday Morning Church Service w/ Father Charlie who's Asian accent leads my to a God of benevolent Flatulence (Oh Roly Farter) , the special mother's day gift of washing & cleaning of her sporty SUV, The planting of the annual mothers day gifts of potted plants every grammar school coordinates the day before Mothers Day to drive sales, the attendance at Tennis class, that had been rescheduled because of Mother's day that I swore I written a note of in my planner about, the creation of our Stuffed Black Angus Roast Dinner, complete with Twice Baked Potatoes, Steamed Asparagus and French Onion Soup, the furtherance & hopefully the completion of the perpetually self refilling laundry baskets of DOOM.  A remarkable thing for anyone remotely aware of my somewhat chaotic, bipolar manner to life by no stretch of the imagination. My Beloved manages this and more on her weekends off with little to no compliant. I did not emulate her quiet disposition at all, through out the day I gnashed my teeth, growled and moaned like a squirrel with it's tail caught in a trap.

 Later on in the day I spoke with my Momma, who at the spry age 85 had plans but landed the Irish Guilt Trip on me anyway as I bitched about my servitude. My Mom's defense of my beloved is not a natural given, they are as dissimilar as I am to a Buddhist monk in a monastery. But there she was, MY MOM... laying out the defense of Motherdom. Who suffered the pain of birth and several weeks of recovery? Who spend sleepless nights up fretting over a high fevers,hacking coughs,swelling and bruised anatomy? Who made the Doctors, Dentist, And Specialist Visits? Who's life was really dedicated to our Children regardless of the high pressure and demands of a professional career ? I pondered the likeliness of a secret cabal in this Motherhood designation during my scolding. Was there a shadowy union of mothers vastly different but coalesced enough in this plot, to control the world?

 I'll Admit it now, I had little interest to read Ann Romney's piece The Three Seasons of Motherhood I 'll be damn to have to read anything about being a Mother til next year. I read the touching ode to Mothers only after reading about the scorn it received from Newsweek Columnist Michelle Goldberg on a Sunday "News" show And still wasn't interested in getting into a salvo over such nonsense and over the top hyperbole. Ok Michelle Goldberg bitched slapped Ann Romney so be it. Politics is nasty, hair grabbing, biting, chest thumping, leg breaking, crap. Another wag the dog rabid Leftist round housing an expecting but viable target on the Right. Of course I was wrong in the assumption.

 My error in seeing this as a "Tit for Tat" blood sport of politic warfare we have de-evolved to in this modern era. That wasn't even close to Ann Romney's message. She talked in the language of the cabal. The tireless thankless position of motherhood. She spoke of the ingrained worry and concern every new mother feels. she touched upon the madness inducing frenzy children have a God given talent to produce. No secret codes words the left likes to believe we on the right has developed to pass their messaging on to the faithful. Nope pretty plain straight forward homogenized thoughts from a Mom about being a Mom.Nothing more or less. It certainly wasnt worthy proving the Godwin law /argumentum ad Hitlerum To be fair to Goldberg she was not saying Romneys was a Nazi, just Naziiesque proportions of propaganda  Note to Goldberg - Hitler and Stalin were terribly evil persons who did much more in their propaganda pieces than fondly reminisce about Motherhood.

 Anyway, I thought of what Mrs.Romney had written and what my Mom spoke of . I recalled when I and my son were on our own without a "Mom:" between the two of us. The measles, the broken bones, the 4 in the morning steam bathes for upper respiratory infections the cuts and scraps -and all the really hard stuff like broken hearts, loss of faith in better times to come and tragic self esteem depressions. Every Mom faced those. Every Mom deserved that recognition. Straight Moms, Lesbian Moms, Stand in Moms, Separated moms.all races, all creeds - I began to see the network that apparently Michelle Goldberg could not -that cabal I had been convinced of was less a organization but the fruited plain of soil, unfolding and alive in a generational cycle as long and as deep as human kind.

 Moms are good, they need to be recognize and cherished.

Peace b w/y'all

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hey Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat!

 Watching the Obama administration et all, from the various departments heads, non vetted cabinet czars, assorted campaign mouthpieces & media punditry ( My Apologies- I am certain I missed some) is almost to be equated with being bedazzled by a surreal, hyper choreographed puppet show, of the ultimate absurdity. With the real world trials and tribulations swirling about the day to day citizenry  akin to millions of individual hurricane uprooting and tearing asunder their lives. We are treated to an executive office focused of spinning plates, juggling hatchets and novelty corsages that spray the unsuspecting target in the face with a squirt of water. In other words, Saturday morning variety shows of Soupy Sales (youngins can google it) caliber.

 The Lead Media story this evening is POTUS's evolved position to support same sex marriages click here with you wish to follow the puppet show But the big and ugly story the Media needs to distract from is The Double Agent Underwear Bomber . It is important to give you a brief synopsis here, This story broke on Monday after a weekend that forced Americans to stew on another anemic jobs report last Friday that The White House failed to spin successfully. The desperate White House elected to leak this terrorist story in order to project a hero narrative, that thanks to added resources by POTUS we came up, in Joey B's terminology, Fucking Big Time! So why did that story need to be squashed in a 24hr time period? The POTUS team has proven all too willing to play a winning narrative til it bleeds (Check my prior post re: Spike the Football, Real Hard, with all you got -H/t Professor Jacobson Legal Insurrection)

  As Former CIA Spook Larry Johnson (NoQuarter.US) noted. This has a whole lot of potential fallout in it to tackle POTUS's re election bid. We burned an asset. Saudi Arabia had worked to place this asset in the heart of Al Queda in Arabian Peninsula organization. They invested resources, time, manpower to develop the leads coming out of this agent. They had a reasonable expectation to see this play out deeper into the organization. But No, The White House is a petulant beast so overly focused on it's ultimate objective it lays all other considerations aside, fate be damned. Consider this, Now that AQ understands efforts to infiltrate their organizations have successfully advanced, They are going to battening down the hatches, purging the membership and will reconstitute elsewhere.

 About the best thing you can take away from this story is We have a new look into their technology of exploding panties and we nailed one of the USS Cole plotters,  Fahd Mohammed Ahmed al-Quso

 But that aint the only story The White House wants to take the air from the sails on,  Scott Walker the embattled Wisconsin Governor who has taken on the public sector unions in order to break the yearly state deficits obtained HUGE votes cast in his primary race. Democrats and their union supporters have spend a staggering 8 million dollars trying to get Gov Walker recalled. The White House was counting on using Walkers ouster as a prequel to their storied re-election bid.  And while that is bad, the night only continued to snowball as the President mounted 60% of the vote in West Va.  Obama's sole opponent was that of Keith Russell Judd a perennial name on the ticket. Trouble is ...

Wait for it. . .

 that wasn't the worst of it, you see Judd is not your standard Citizen Politician either. He is a convict, currently serving time in Tx. & despite that pesky little note he garnered 36% of the vote. Wow!  Tough Night

  I am not gonna to link Lugar's loss to bad things for the administration as I seem to be seeing out and about the 'net. I highly doubt POTUS gives one rats ass about anyone who goes down in defeat in this current political undertow, that is highly likely to exceptionally anti incumbent. Basically the US Electorate has been inflamed enough to take up their figurative Torches and Pitchforks to rid themselves of the beasts, be they Democrats or Republicans.

 I want to praise the University of Washington for offering a fellowship to the Civil Rights Dissident From China Chen Guangcheng - Last week I was railing against the Administration for having essentially thrown him and his family under the bus in order to have a positive policy discussion with regards to trade & currency. While it still remains to be seen if China will acquiesce, at least the world is watching (well sorta, in between watching reality shows & eating far too much trans fat products)

 Last Note - regarding the BIG HOT MEDIA STORY DU JOUR - President Barrack Obama's new change of heart in support of the LGBT marriage item. Humans AKA Homo-sapiens have been frolicking about this globe some 160,000 years. We know for sure that homosexuality has also existed in the species for likely just as long. (Caveman Brokeback Mountain  redux to appear in direct to video porn section any day now)

I can't understand why the simplest answer to this question is purely - Marriage is a wholly religious classification and therefor can only be obtained by a religious institution. Therefore The Federal and State Governments shall then only perform Civil Unions not Marriages. Sure sounds Easy Enough.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

This and That or the day hasnt the hours

- I am often so ashamed when I go long between posts -So many events I flagged to comment on are now stale, hardly worth the effort to discuss. I tend to comment of the rantings of the intelligentsia from the left and various musings from the likes Krugman, Friedman, or the typical filings from the Salon, Mother Jones New Republic progressive socialist romper rooms. I find it pretty cathartic to dissemble their alleged bona fides and boiling down them to the pathetic murmurs of the average town drunk poring his woeful dignity out for all to bare witness to.

 But alas I am a pirate without a clear target this evening . . . I am not going to dive into it the ludicrously sublime (& thoroughly discussed) Spike The Football Campaign W/ Everything you GOT POTUS is engaging in only b/c a quick Google scan shows  a mere trillion other stories regarding it. & therefore I ain't gonna start fawning over the the pending GOP Nominee Mitt Romney b/c It was made abundantly clear by his campaign throughout this primary, he ain't worried about where my conservative vote is going ( And unfortunately he is right, Conservatives know they have no other viable options) Though, a wiser more tactical man would have rallied, motivated, amped & conscripted the conservative base. Their eagerness is a wealth of energy and effort to be tapped, but he blew us off . . .seriously . . .  how hard are we gonna work the phones or get out the vote for this guy . . . Certainly not as ably as the POTUS will receive from his veteran merry band of devout automatons, well trained in the ancient martial art of voter fraud and violations. I am nearly resigned to praying for a sweep of the down ticket.

 Which is troublesome in itself, As I mentioned, I am a Conservative - Not a Republican. It is not a pleasant feeling to have to pick out from a line up of Republicans, the guys who are gonna be least likely to fist fuck the nation less. The Republican brand is still extremely damaged in my eyes from the Bush Administration and deservedly so. They played fast and loose with the Constitution and the Budget. They didn't start the fire but they damn sure didn't help matters by adding fuel to it.

 It seems too trivial to mention the Twitter Gulag this oughtta take u there. In a Nut shell, it seems the new way the left deals with opposing views is by reporting twitterers/tweeters to moderators as spam in order to cause a suspension of their accounts. Granted, I am pretty new to the scene and I am not terribly invested in the Twitter universe - it was merely an inconvenience but to see that I was one of approximately 200 other persons locked out and more importantly, silenced, that was a bit of a surprise. The debates that take place there are staggering and to an activist or political junkie of either political aisle, it is like being deaf, dumb and blind. To me, there are far more pressing issues than being suspended from Twitter -But when you consider the subject matter -the silencing of a political opposition from the forum of free ideas in such a space as Twitter - Well, it sure sounds similar to something one has to face in China.

 I see there has been a guility verdict in Medunjanin case - The Subway Suicide Bomb Plot. I followed this case closely being the terror fanatic I am. This is another one of the homegrown bunch that NY Representative Peter King was ridiculed for insisting on having a senate hearing on. Kudos Congressman King -I hope you reached out to Congressman Keith Ellison, (a fecal deposit of the highest order) who accused you being a bigoted alarmist on this matter. He will need some consoling.

Straight outta Flushing Queens after being entranced by the now deceased Imam Anwar al-Alaki., Medunjanin and two school pals set off to Pakistan to learn the delicate art of bomb making. I cant say i aint elated to hell this was broken up - the grief this is causing the Muslim community must be disturbing. Especially those that have embraced the US as their homeland. But as Major Hasan taught us in Fort Hood - we simply can not afford to walk away from looking into the community in an effort to prevent such things.

Lastly,  I see a news item on SoS Hillary Clinton URGES CHINA TO PROTECT HUMAN RIGHTS -laying it on thick & heavy in the aftermath of the Guangcheng affair BBC (Chinese Dissent who sought Asylum in US embassy *  According to interview w/ Chen He states the US was not "proactive enough" and that he was encourage by US officials to return to Chinese custody. He had wished to be granted Asylum by the US b/c quote“guaranteeing citizens’ rights in China is empty talk,”)

Note to Clinton - U and Ur boss have essentially played a "Don't ask Don't tell" grifter shell game on this issue for the PAST 3 FUCKING YEARS!! & now you or gonna feign righteous indignation over human rights . . . PLEASE - that shit ain't gonna fly now ( Note to Romney camp - This IS an Issue not Swiss Bank accounts) Anyone recall VEEP Joey B saying to the Chinese that it was not the US's place to comment on China's1 child policy? Or does Anyone recall any mention of Xinjiang province crack down or the thousand troops send to oppress the Uighers by this Administration? ANYONE? Least we forget the brave Tibetans who essentially have decided to self immolate in order to draw the worlds attention to the fact China is standing on their collective throats. Well Done POTUS - U have succeeded in turning a brutal military tyrannical state into our chief financier and sold our silence to bankroll your utopian dreams (or maybe it was the dream of your father)

 AH . . .Gosh I feel much better now