Monday, May 14, 2012

Conversation vs Confrontation or Reductio ad Hitlerum

 It was Mothers Day yesterday even something as simple and earnest as that can be drawn into a political hair grabbing clawing slander fest between the Left & the Right. Wow - we really have become truly viscous to each side. Let me explain.

 On Mothers Day, I had vowed as much to myself as to my Beloved Wonderful "Misses" that I would carry the day. I would be chief parent in all things our brilliant yet devious daughter would crave,design,or reek havoc upon. I was to be the Dog Whisper for our Massive doggie posse Feeding, relieving, maintenance and discipline,the Sunday Morning Church Service w/ Father Charlie who's Asian accent leads my to a God of benevolent Flatulence (Oh Roly Farter) , the special mother's day gift of washing & cleaning of her sporty SUV, The planting of the annual mothers day gifts of potted plants every grammar school coordinates the day before Mothers Day to drive sales, the attendance at Tennis class, that had been rescheduled because of Mother's day that I swore I written a note of in my planner about, the creation of our Stuffed Black Angus Roast Dinner, complete with Twice Baked Potatoes, Steamed Asparagus and French Onion Soup, the furtherance & hopefully the completion of the perpetually self refilling laundry baskets of DOOM.  A remarkable thing for anyone remotely aware of my somewhat chaotic, bipolar manner to life by no stretch of the imagination. My Beloved manages this and more on her weekends off with little to no compliant. I did not emulate her quiet disposition at all, through out the day I gnashed my teeth, growled and moaned like a squirrel with it's tail caught in a trap.

 Later on in the day I spoke with my Momma, who at the spry age 85 had plans but landed the Irish Guilt Trip on me anyway as I bitched about my servitude. My Mom's defense of my beloved is not a natural given, they are as dissimilar as I am to a Buddhist monk in a monastery. But there she was, MY MOM... laying out the defense of Motherdom. Who suffered the pain of birth and several weeks of recovery? Who spend sleepless nights up fretting over a high fevers,hacking coughs,swelling and bruised anatomy? Who made the Doctors, Dentist, And Specialist Visits? Who's life was really dedicated to our Children regardless of the high pressure and demands of a professional career ? I pondered the likeliness of a secret cabal in this Motherhood designation during my scolding. Was there a shadowy union of mothers vastly different but coalesced enough in this plot, to control the world?

 I'll Admit it now, I had little interest to read Ann Romney's piece The Three Seasons of Motherhood I 'll be damn to have to read anything about being a Mother til next year. I read the touching ode to Mothers only after reading about the scorn it received from Newsweek Columnist Michelle Goldberg on a Sunday "News" show And still wasn't interested in getting into a salvo over such nonsense and over the top hyperbole. Ok Michelle Goldberg bitched slapped Ann Romney so be it. Politics is nasty, hair grabbing, biting, chest thumping, leg breaking, crap. Another wag the dog rabid Leftist round housing an expecting but viable target on the Right. Of course I was wrong in the assumption.

 My error in seeing this as a "Tit for Tat" blood sport of politic warfare we have de-evolved to in this modern era. That wasn't even close to Ann Romney's message. She talked in the language of the cabal. The tireless thankless position of motherhood. She spoke of the ingrained worry and concern every new mother feels. she touched upon the madness inducing frenzy children have a God given talent to produce. No secret codes words the left likes to believe we on the right has developed to pass their messaging on to the faithful. Nope pretty plain straight forward homogenized thoughts from a Mom about being a Mom.Nothing more or less. It certainly wasnt worthy proving the Godwin law /argumentum ad Hitlerum To be fair to Goldberg she was not saying Romneys was a Nazi, just Naziiesque proportions of propaganda  Note to Goldberg - Hitler and Stalin were terribly evil persons who did much more in their propaganda pieces than fondly reminisce about Motherhood.

 Anyway, I thought of what Mrs.Romney had written and what my Mom spoke of . I recalled when I and my son were on our own without a "Mom:" between the two of us. The measles, the broken bones, the 4 in the morning steam bathes for upper respiratory infections the cuts and scraps -and all the really hard stuff like broken hearts, loss of faith in better times to come and tragic self esteem depressions. Every Mom faced those. Every Mom deserved that recognition. Straight Moms, Lesbian Moms, Stand in Moms, Separated moms.all races, all creeds - I began to see the network that apparently Michelle Goldberg could not -that cabal I had been convinced of was less a organization but the fruited plain of soil, unfolding and alive in a generational cycle as long and as deep as human kind.

 Moms are good, they need to be recognize and cherished.

Peace b w/y'all

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