Wednesday, May 2, 2012

This and That or the day hasnt the hours

- I am often so ashamed when I go long between posts -So many events I flagged to comment on are now stale, hardly worth the effort to discuss. I tend to comment of the rantings of the intelligentsia from the left and various musings from the likes Krugman, Friedman, or the typical filings from the Salon, Mother Jones New Republic progressive socialist romper rooms. I find it pretty cathartic to dissemble their alleged bona fides and boiling down them to the pathetic murmurs of the average town drunk poring his woeful dignity out for all to bare witness to.

 But alas I am a pirate without a clear target this evening . . . I am not going to dive into it the ludicrously sublime (& thoroughly discussed) Spike The Football Campaign W/ Everything you GOT POTUS is engaging in only b/c a quick Google scan shows  a mere trillion other stories regarding it. & therefore I ain't gonna start fawning over the the pending GOP Nominee Mitt Romney b/c It was made abundantly clear by his campaign throughout this primary, he ain't worried about where my conservative vote is going ( And unfortunately he is right, Conservatives know they have no other viable options) Though, a wiser more tactical man would have rallied, motivated, amped & conscripted the conservative base. Their eagerness is a wealth of energy and effort to be tapped, but he blew us off . . .seriously . . .  how hard are we gonna work the phones or get out the vote for this guy . . . Certainly not as ably as the POTUS will receive from his veteran merry band of devout automatons, well trained in the ancient martial art of voter fraud and violations. I am nearly resigned to praying for a sweep of the down ticket.

 Which is troublesome in itself, As I mentioned, I am a Conservative - Not a Republican. It is not a pleasant feeling to have to pick out from a line up of Republicans, the guys who are gonna be least likely to fist fuck the nation less. The Republican brand is still extremely damaged in my eyes from the Bush Administration and deservedly so. They played fast and loose with the Constitution and the Budget. They didn't start the fire but they damn sure didn't help matters by adding fuel to it.

 It seems too trivial to mention the Twitter Gulag this oughtta take u there. In a Nut shell, it seems the new way the left deals with opposing views is by reporting twitterers/tweeters to moderators as spam in order to cause a suspension of their accounts. Granted, I am pretty new to the scene and I am not terribly invested in the Twitter universe - it was merely an inconvenience but to see that I was one of approximately 200 other persons locked out and more importantly, silenced, that was a bit of a surprise. The debates that take place there are staggering and to an activist or political junkie of either political aisle, it is like being deaf, dumb and blind. To me, there are far more pressing issues than being suspended from Twitter -But when you consider the subject matter -the silencing of a political opposition from the forum of free ideas in such a space as Twitter - Well, it sure sounds similar to something one has to face in China.

 I see there has been a guility verdict in Medunjanin case - The Subway Suicide Bomb Plot. I followed this case closely being the terror fanatic I am. This is another one of the homegrown bunch that NY Representative Peter King was ridiculed for insisting on having a senate hearing on. Kudos Congressman King -I hope you reached out to Congressman Keith Ellison, (a fecal deposit of the highest order) who accused you being a bigoted alarmist on this matter. He will need some consoling.

Straight outta Flushing Queens after being entranced by the now deceased Imam Anwar al-Alaki., Medunjanin and two school pals set off to Pakistan to learn the delicate art of bomb making. I cant say i aint elated to hell this was broken up - the grief this is causing the Muslim community must be disturbing. Especially those that have embraced the US as their homeland. But as Major Hasan taught us in Fort Hood - we simply can not afford to walk away from looking into the community in an effort to prevent such things.

Lastly,  I see a news item on SoS Hillary Clinton URGES CHINA TO PROTECT HUMAN RIGHTS -laying it on thick & heavy in the aftermath of the Guangcheng affair BBC (Chinese Dissent who sought Asylum in US embassy *  According to interview w/ Chen He states the US was not "proactive enough" and that he was encourage by US officials to return to Chinese custody. He had wished to be granted Asylum by the US b/c quote“guaranteeing citizens’ rights in China is empty talk,”)

Note to Clinton - U and Ur boss have essentially played a "Don't ask Don't tell" grifter shell game on this issue for the PAST 3 FUCKING YEARS!! & now you or gonna feign righteous indignation over human rights . . . PLEASE - that shit ain't gonna fly now ( Note to Romney camp - This IS an Issue not Swiss Bank accounts) Anyone recall VEEP Joey B saying to the Chinese that it was not the US's place to comment on China's1 child policy? Or does Anyone recall any mention of Xinjiang province crack down or the thousand troops send to oppress the Uighers by this Administration? ANYONE? Least we forget the brave Tibetans who essentially have decided to self immolate in order to draw the worlds attention to the fact China is standing on their collective throats. Well Done POTUS - U have succeeded in turning a brutal military tyrannical state into our chief financier and sold our silence to bankroll your utopian dreams (or maybe it was the dream of your father)

 AH . . .Gosh I feel much better now

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