Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hey Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat!

 Watching the Obama administration et all, from the various departments heads, non vetted cabinet czars, assorted campaign mouthpieces & media punditry ( My Apologies- I am certain I missed some) is almost to be equated with being bedazzled by a surreal, hyper choreographed puppet show, of the ultimate absurdity. With the real world trials and tribulations swirling about the day to day citizenry  akin to millions of individual hurricane uprooting and tearing asunder their lives. We are treated to an executive office focused of spinning plates, juggling hatchets and novelty corsages that spray the unsuspecting target in the face with a squirt of water. In other words, Saturday morning variety shows of Soupy Sales (youngins can google it) caliber.

 The Lead Media story this evening is POTUS's evolved position to support same sex marriages click here with you wish to follow the puppet show But the big and ugly story the Media needs to distract from is The Double Agent Underwear Bomber . It is important to give you a brief synopsis here, This story broke on Monday after a weekend that forced Americans to stew on another anemic jobs report last Friday that The White House failed to spin successfully. The desperate White House elected to leak this terrorist story in order to project a hero narrative, that thanks to added resources by POTUS we came up, in Joey B's terminology, Fucking Big Time! So why did that story need to be squashed in a 24hr time period? The POTUS team has proven all too willing to play a winning narrative til it bleeds (Check my prior post re: Spike the Football, Real Hard, with all you got -H/t Professor Jacobson Legal Insurrection)

  As Former CIA Spook Larry Johnson (NoQuarter.US) noted. This has a whole lot of potential fallout in it to tackle POTUS's re election bid. We burned an asset. Saudi Arabia had worked to place this asset in the heart of Al Queda in Arabian Peninsula organization. They invested resources, time, manpower to develop the leads coming out of this agent. They had a reasonable expectation to see this play out deeper into the organization. But No, The White House is a petulant beast so overly focused on it's ultimate objective it lays all other considerations aside, fate be damned. Consider this, Now that AQ understands efforts to infiltrate their organizations have successfully advanced, They are going to battening down the hatches, purging the membership and will reconstitute elsewhere.

 About the best thing you can take away from this story is We have a new look into their technology of exploding panties and we nailed one of the USS Cole plotters,  Fahd Mohammed Ahmed al-Quso

 But that aint the only story The White House wants to take the air from the sails on,  Scott Walker the embattled Wisconsin Governor who has taken on the public sector unions in order to break the yearly state deficits obtained HUGE votes cast in his primary race. Democrats and their union supporters have spend a staggering 8 million dollars trying to get Gov Walker recalled. The White House was counting on using Walkers ouster as a prequel to their storied re-election bid.  And while that is bad, the night only continued to snowball as the President mounted 60% of the vote in West Va.  Obama's sole opponent was that of Keith Russell Judd a perennial name on the ticket. Trouble is ...

Wait for it. . .

 that wasn't the worst of it, you see Judd is not your standard Citizen Politician either. He is a convict, currently serving time in Tx. & despite that pesky little note he garnered 36% of the vote. Wow!  Tough Night

  I am not gonna to link Lugar's loss to bad things for the administration as I seem to be seeing out and about the 'net. I highly doubt POTUS gives one rats ass about anyone who goes down in defeat in this current political undertow, that is highly likely to exceptionally anti incumbent. Basically the US Electorate has been inflamed enough to take up their figurative Torches and Pitchforks to rid themselves of the beasts, be they Democrats or Republicans.

 I want to praise the University of Washington for offering a fellowship to the Civil Rights Dissident From China Chen Guangcheng - Last week I was railing against the Administration for having essentially thrown him and his family under the bus in order to have a positive policy discussion with regards to trade & currency. While it still remains to be seen if China will acquiesce, at least the world is watching (well sorta, in between watching reality shows & eating far too much trans fat products)

 Last Note - regarding the BIG HOT MEDIA STORY DU JOUR - President Barrack Obama's new change of heart in support of the LGBT marriage item. Humans AKA Homo-sapiens have been frolicking about this globe some 160,000 years. We know for sure that homosexuality has also existed in the species for likely just as long. (Caveman Brokeback Mountain  redux to appear in direct to video porn section any day now)

I can't understand why the simplest answer to this question is purely - Marriage is a wholly religious classification and therefor can only be obtained by a religious institution. Therefore The Federal and State Governments shall then only perform Civil Unions not Marriages. Sure sounds Easy Enough.


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