Monday, May 21, 2012

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 I wished I possessed the time to promptly comment of the issues and subject matter as they launch from the miscellaneous news sources. Alas I do not, and often find myself skimming a variety of clipped pieces I had desired to state one thing or another. Blah blah blah We WE WE all the way home we ride to the fairly cathartic release I really do write this blog for ( Yeah, I do Recognize there stalkers visiting the blog and I appreciate you guys as well, EVEN if you are the Undercover FBI types)

 Tomorrow is the sentencing of Dharun Ravi. The room mate of the deceased Tyler Clementi, who elected to leap from the George Washington Bridge rather than face the world or at the very least, the possible 12 people who actually sat back & viewed a livestream of Clementi, ... wait for it... sucking face with an other male ...(OH the SHOCK...Oh the Horror!!!!  I should have warned you before... i know, I am devilish like that at times) an Gay Freshman at Rutgers University in NJ.

 I am coming off as too calloused here? The Poor Boy is Dead. For anyone causally wandering in to Out Of Order blog here from the wide wide world of websites, particularly ANY LGBT supporters surely is spitting vindictive s at me for my ugly homophobic stance. Except, the people who are gays and lesbians who actually know me. Sorry to say to the bisexuals that i have met, None of you  really strike me as a separate category of sexuality & well i can't talk to Transgender folks since I have yet met any to really get a sense of their own issues. Back to the Point . . . regardless of being a shitty roommate . . . regardless of what Ravi thought he was doing by live streaming Clementi's date night . . . the Biggest Issue was Clementi electing to solve his very public outing by leaping to his death off the George Washington Bridge. That is a fact all too many people are willing to throw below the tides of anger and regret.

 Ravi has gone to trial for invading Clementi's privacy, bias intimidation, evidence tampering and witness tampering. All of those charges carry a prescribed penalty and should not be avoided. But for the court of Public Opinion, that would like to see Ravi sentenced to a an undue penalty because it soothes their own hearts for the tragic senseless death, one young man felt he had no other recourse to take but to end his life . . . That is folly and does not bring justice to the matter in any real sense.

 OWS has taken to the streets of Chicago to protest the start of the G8 nations summit. Unlike many Conservatives I ain't slamming the OWS entirely. I have my issues with them and how they thus far have brought their unhappiness to rain upon the average citizens of cities and not to the Government that has overseen this calamity. I do see this as being a justification used by state and federal law enforcement to continue it's ever growing intrusion into the US population. I am not sure if the OWS hierarchy can realize how their actions are going to drive the public to demand officials to take more and more steps to stop the protestors and their chaos. It is the classic problem of treating Symptoms and not the Infection. Our real ailment is not the staggering unemployment, not the college debts, not even housing crisis. It is our Monetary System. Failure to attempt to get back sound financial policy will destined us to continue this long death spiral.

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