Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Real Bad SHITTY NO Good AWFUL Week for our Constitutional Government

Wow... Geez I have to Dust this blog off a bit. . . KOFF KOFF . . . Haven't really had ... ACH ACH ACHCOU! Where fuck did June Go? SHEET! My Lil' Girl is done w/ School for three months? Good Lord what a racket.

 Alright, Massively depressed this past week, As way too much shit got shoved up the US Population collective Asses . . . Like we were shanghaied by some drug cartel to be "mules" of utterly disastrous laws,
and marched in the general population centers to spread their plague like properties. YEP -that bad!

 Given I was AWOL iamma gonna start w/ POTUS' Fiat Defacto Amnesty. As you can see by the link (YES I DID just send u to a HUFFPO link- Now you can SEE how completely pissed off I AM)

 Let's clarify some of the facts on this 1) that 800,000 number is a smoke screen according to PEW Hispanic Center 1.4 Million are going to factor into this "temporary" Deferred Action. This essentially is President Obama calling off the ICE teams on cases that "MEET" the eligibility criteria.But wait a second - How are we gonna handle a wave of Deferred Action Request in the million number area?  Do we have that many persons assigned to the immigration department that promptly process that kind of work flow? -NOPE
 So what is gonna happen? A "De Facto Amnesty" where the Government will continue to extend out the time frame for the requests to come in be processed -If one has ever watched a law suit hit the federal government and be strung out  there for multiple years- That is what i am suggesting the Administration is angling at. Then it becomes a question of the status of these individuals while awaiting a deferred action permit. They are in a que for a 2 year visa application, What are the rights of such an individual?  All these Questions from a mere Presidential Executive Order.

2) The eligiblity calls for "Undocumented immigrants who came to the United States under the age of 16 and have lived in the country for at least five years can apply for the relief, so long as they are under the age of 30, according to a memo from DHS. They also must be either an honorably discharged veteran of the Coast Guard or armed forces, or a student who has graduated from high school or obtained a GED." Um . . . Exactly what is going to be used to affirm these details? School transcripts? On those documents who's social security is listed? Obviously Not the students since they were here illegally to start with - they didn't have a valid social security number on those documents. How shall we be capable of then determining if they truly did attend and completed school? Can we take their word for it?
  Will we do so for the persons, who as of June 16th 2012, packed up their stuff and crossed the southern border w/ the Mexican sanctioned "How To Cross the Rio Grande" comicbook in their backpacks?
Legally speaking, it is a can of worms with a whole alotta knots to untie but to the Left I am certain I will be labeled a "RAAAAACIST" and told I am making it too difficult on these "Poor Hispanic Children" (up to30 years old w/ no Birth certificates to prove one way or another the fact) Am I that heartless? First off I did not bring them to the country - their parents did -and their parents should bare the responsibility of the act. Of course there is going to be the question of those who are "minors" presently in the US without their parents as well . . . & a very real issue for chain migration

 Ok well then. . . away we go to June 25Th   SCOTUS decision on AZ Immigration Law Where Arizona Gov Jan Brewer was patting herself on the back for not losing it as completely as she could have. The surprise was that a unanimous ruling that State law enforcement can check immigration status of persons they stop or arrest if they should reason to suspect they are in violation. After though the SCOTUS essentially told them their hands are tied, it is completely a federal issue which prompted the always fierce looking Janet Napolotano DHS Secretary to basically say to Arizona don't even bother to call us for the 411 on your suspects. So that was a Shit Ruling - where th federal government REFUSES OUTRIGHT To Do 1 of the few Constitutionally MANDATED Items it is required to do. Justice Scalia's Dissent is Scathing and Honest but does nothing in the end but reinforce Main street Citizens that our Federal Government has NO Interest solving the question of illegal immigration. My only rational thought is that we should invade Mexico and then at least we will no longer need to do anything illegal Mexicans.

 Tuesday saw EPA decision in a DC appellant court that reaffirms EPA's legal standing to prevent reduce Greenhouse gases via regulations, by virtue of “endangerment finding” that greenhouse gases are a threat to human health and welfare — a finding that provides the underpinning for regulation of emissions from tailpipes, smokestacks and other sources. So the regulatory crucifixion is judicially backed - as of now Carbon Dioxide is the Greenhouse gas they are most concerned w/ but Methane(especially the bovine flatulence variety) is not in the clear

 And then Thursday's Kiss of Death  making June 28th a date that shall be circle by historians several hundred years from now, as the day we saw our Constitution torn up and the citizens ceased to be considered the keepers of the leash. The worse part was it was but gone having collected Kennedys vote to toss it all out - Something led Chief Justice Roberts to Abandon ruling against it & worse than that is Roberts handed to the Congress the Right to create a new form of tax to penalize insubordination by the citizens. He set a VERY DANGEROUS PRECEDENCE by ruling for the PPACA by way of determining the Individual mandate was in fact a tax and not a penalty or fine. I was crushed when I listened to live radio coverage of it
The breakdown of the decision and the dissent was expertly expressed by Mark R Levin. 

 Written somewhere around or about  July 4th 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Silenced By the Left

Just a Quick Note -I successfully been suspended from Twitter 3 times in a 24 hour span. Remarkable no?
I can not tell you just what a testament it is to the future of this country if we can not even discuss matters any longer. It is a shouting match now. Pure and simple while heavy on the pathetic and sad. I watched a dozen or so accounts get tagged as suspended today as I tried to set up backup accounts.

 I am not gonna try to place names to the workings of shutting people down on Twitter - but there is a lesson to learned here . . . They can not win the battle any other way but to resort to censorship. G'night

Monday, May 21, 2012

This & That

 I wished I possessed the time to promptly comment of the issues and subject matter as they launch from the miscellaneous news sources. Alas I do not, and often find myself skimming a variety of clipped pieces I had desired to state one thing or another. Blah blah blah We WE WE all the way home we ride to the fairly cathartic release I really do write this blog for ( Yeah, I do Recognize there stalkers visiting the blog and I appreciate you guys as well, EVEN if you are the Undercover FBI types)

 Tomorrow is the sentencing of Dharun Ravi. The room mate of the deceased Tyler Clementi, who elected to leap from the George Washington Bridge rather than face the world or at the very least, the possible 12 people who actually sat back & viewed a livestream of Clementi, ... wait for it... sucking face with an other male ...(OH the SHOCK...Oh the Horror!!!!  I should have warned you before... i know, I am devilish like that at times) ...as an Gay Freshman at Rutgers University in NJ.

 I am coming off as too calloused here? The Poor Boy is Dead. For anyone causally wandering in to Out Of Order blog here from the wide wide world of websites, particularly ANY LGBT supporters surely is spitting vindictive s at me for my ugly homophobic stance. Except, the people who are gays and lesbians who actually know me. Sorry to say to the bisexuals that i have met, None of you  really strike me as a separate category of sexuality & well i can't talk to Transgender folks since I have yet met any to really get a sense of their own issues. Back to the Point . . . regardless of being a shitty roommate . . . regardless of what Ravi thought he was doing by live streaming Clementi's date night . . . the Biggest Issue was Clementi electing to solve his very public outing by leaping to his death off the George Washington Bridge. That is a fact all too many people are willing to throw below the tides of anger and regret.

 Ravi has gone to trial for invading Clementi's privacy, bias intimidation, evidence tampering and witness tampering. All of those charges carry a prescribed penalty and should not be avoided. But for the court of Public Opinion, that would like to see Ravi sentenced to a an undue penalty because it soothes their own hearts for the tragic senseless death, one young man felt he had no other recourse to take but to end his life . . . That is folly and does not bring justice to the matter in any real sense.

 OWS has taken to the streets of Chicago to protest the start of the G8 nations summit. Unlike many Conservatives I ain't slamming the OWS entirely. I have my issues with them and how they thus far have brought their unhappiness to rain upon the average citizens of cities and not to the Government that has overseen this calamity. I do see this as being a justification used by state and federal law enforcement to continue it's ever growing intrusion into the US population. I am not sure if the OWS hierarchy can realize how their actions are going to drive the public to demand officials to take more and more steps to stop the protestors and their chaos. It is the classic problem of treating Symptoms and not the Infection. Our real ailment is not the staggering unemployment, not the college debts, not even housing crisis. It is our Monetary System. Failure to attempt to get back sound financial policy will destined us to continue this long death spiral.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Conversation vs Confrontation or Reductio ad Hitlerum

 It was Mothers Day yesterday even something as simple and earnest as that can be drawn into a political hair grabbing clawing slander fest between the Left & the Right. Wow - we really have become truly viscous to each side. Let me explain.

 On Mothers Day, I had vowed as much to myself as to my Beloved Wonderful "Misses" that I would carry the day. I would be chief parent in all things our brilliant yet devious daughter would crave,design,or reek havoc upon. I was to be the Dog Whisper for our Massive doggie posse Feeding, relieving, maintenance and discipline,the Sunday Morning Church Service w/ Father Charlie who's Asian accent leads my to a God of benevolent Flatulence (Oh Roly Farter) , the special mother's day gift of washing & cleaning of her sporty SUV, The planting of the annual mothers day gifts of potted plants every grammar school coordinates the day before Mothers Day to drive sales, the attendance at Tennis class, that had been rescheduled because of Mother's day that I swore I written a note of in my planner about, the creation of our Stuffed Black Angus Roast Dinner, complete with Twice Baked Potatoes, Steamed Asparagus and French Onion Soup, the furtherance & hopefully the completion of the perpetually self refilling laundry baskets of DOOM.  A remarkable thing for anyone remotely aware of my somewhat chaotic, bipolar manner to life by no stretch of the imagination. My Beloved manages this and more on her weekends off with little to no compliant. I did not emulate her quiet disposition at all, through out the day I gnashed my teeth, growled and moaned like a squirrel with it's tail caught in a trap.

 Later on in the day I spoke with my Momma, who at the spry age 85 had plans but landed the Irish Guilt Trip on me anyway as I bitched about my servitude. My Mom's defense of my beloved is not a natural given, they are as dissimilar as I am to a Buddhist monk in a monastery. But there she was, MY MOM... laying out the defense of Motherdom. Who suffered the pain of birth and several weeks of recovery? Who spend sleepless nights up fretting over a high fevers,hacking coughs,swelling and bruised anatomy? Who made the Doctors, Dentist, And Specialist Visits? Who's life was really dedicated to our Children regardless of the high pressure and demands of a professional career ? I pondered the likeliness of a secret cabal in this Motherhood designation during my scolding. Was there a shadowy union of mothers vastly different but coalesced enough in this plot, to control the world?

 I'll Admit it now, I had little interest to read Ann Romney's piece The Three Seasons of Motherhood I 'll be damn to have to read anything about being a Mother til next year. I read the touching ode to Mothers only after reading about the scorn it received from Newsweek Columnist Michelle Goldberg on a Sunday "News" show And still wasn't interested in getting into a salvo over such nonsense and over the top hyperbole. Ok Michelle Goldberg bitched slapped Ann Romney so be it. Politics is nasty, hair grabbing, biting, chest thumping, leg breaking, crap. Another wag the dog rabid Leftist round housing an expecting but viable target on the Right. Of course I was wrong in the assumption.

 My error in seeing this as a "Tit for Tat" blood sport of politic warfare we have de-evolved to in this modern era. That wasn't even close to Ann Romney's message. She talked in the language of the cabal. The tireless thankless position of motherhood. She spoke of the ingrained worry and concern every new mother feels. she touched upon the madness inducing frenzy children have a God given talent to produce. No secret codes words the left likes to believe we on the right has developed to pass their messaging on to the faithful. Nope pretty plain straight forward homogenized thoughts from a Mom about being a Mom.Nothing more or less. It certainly wasnt worthy proving the Godwin law /argumentum ad Hitlerum To be fair to Goldberg she was not saying Romneys was a Nazi, just Naziiesque proportions of propaganda  Note to Goldberg - Hitler and Stalin were terribly evil persons who did much more in their propaganda pieces than fondly reminisce about Motherhood.

 Anyway, I thought of what Mrs.Romney had written and what my Mom spoke of . I recalled when I and my son were on our own without a "Mom:" between the two of us. The measles, the broken bones, the 4 in the morning steam bathes for upper respiratory infections the cuts and scraps -and all the really hard stuff like broken hearts, loss of faith in better times to come and tragic self esteem depressions. Every Mom faced those. Every Mom deserved that recognition. Straight Moms, Lesbian Moms, Stand in Moms, Separated moms.all races, all creeds - I began to see the network that apparently Michelle Goldberg could not -that cabal I had been convinced of was less a organization but the fruited plain of soil, unfolding and alive in a generational cycle as long and as deep as human kind.

 Moms are good, they need to be recognize and cherished.

Peace b w/y'all

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hey Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat!

 Watching the Obama administration et all, from the various departments heads, non vetted cabinet czars, assorted campaign mouthpieces & media punditry ( My Apologies- I am certain I missed some) is almost to be equated with being bedazzled by a surreal, hyper choreographed puppet show, of the ultimate absurdity. With the real world trials and tribulations swirling about the day to day citizenry  akin to millions of individual hurricane uprooting and tearing asunder their lives. We are treated to an executive office focused of spinning plates, juggling hatchets and novelty corsages that spray the unsuspecting target in the face with a squirt of water. In other words, Saturday morning variety shows of Soupy Sales (youngins can google it) caliber.

 The Lead Media story this evening is POTUS's evolved position to support same sex marriages click here with you wish to follow the puppet show But the big and ugly story the Media needs to distract from is The Double Agent Underwear Bomber . It is important to give you a brief synopsis here, This story broke on Monday after a weekend that forced Americans to stew on another anemic jobs report last Friday that The White House failed to spin successfully. The desperate White House elected to leak this terrorist story in order to project a hero narrative, that thanks to added resources by POTUS we came up, in Joey B's terminology, Fucking Big Time! So why did that story need to be squashed in a 24hr time period? The POTUS team has proven all too willing to play a winning narrative til it bleeds (Check my prior post re: Spike the Football, Real Hard, with all you got -H/t Professor Jacobson Legal Insurrection)

  As Former CIA Spook Larry Johnson (NoQuarter.US) noted. This has a whole lot of potential fallout in it to tackle POTUS's re election bid. We burned an asset. Saudi Arabia had worked to place this asset in the heart of Al Queda in Arabian Peninsula organization. They invested resources, time, manpower to develop the leads coming out of this agent. They had a reasonable expectation to see this play out deeper into the organization. But No, The White House is a petulant beast so overly focused on it's ultimate objective it lays all other considerations aside, fate be damned. Consider this, Now that AQ understands efforts to infiltrate their organizations have successfully advanced, They are going to battening down the hatches, purging the membership and will reconstitute elsewhere.

 About the best thing you can take away from this story is We have a new look into their technology of exploding panties and we nailed one of the USS Cole plotters,  Fahd Mohammed Ahmed al-Quso

 But that aint the only story The White House wants to take the air from the sails on,  Scott Walker the embattled Wisconsin Governor who has taken on the public sector unions in order to break the yearly state deficits obtained HUGE votes cast in his primary race. Democrats and their union supporters have spend a staggering 8 million dollars trying to get Gov Walker recalled. The White House was counting on using Walkers ouster as a prequel to their storied re-election bid.  And while that is bad, the night only continued to snowball as the President mounted 60% of the vote in West Va.  Obama's sole opponent was that of Keith Russell Judd a perennial name on the ticket. Trouble is ...

Wait for it. . .

 that wasn't the worst of it, you see Judd is not your standard Citizen Politician either. He is a convict, currently serving time in Tx. & despite that pesky little note he garnered 36% of the vote. Wow!  Tough Night

  I am not gonna to link Lugar's loss to bad things for the administration as I seem to be seeing out and about the 'net. I highly doubt POTUS gives one rats ass about anyone who goes down in defeat in this current political undertow, that is highly likely to exceptionally anti incumbent. Basically the US Electorate has been inflamed enough to take up their figurative Torches and Pitchforks to rid themselves of the beasts, be they Democrats or Republicans.

 I want to praise the University of Washington for offering a fellowship to the Civil Rights Dissident From China Chen Guangcheng - Last week I was railing against the Administration for having essentially thrown him and his family under the bus in order to have a positive policy discussion with regards to trade & currency. While it still remains to be seen if China will acquiesce, at least the world is watching (well sorta, in between watching reality shows & eating far too much trans fat products)

 Last Note - regarding the BIG HOT MEDIA STORY DU JOUR - President Barrack Obama's new change of heart in support of the LGBT marriage item. Humans AKA Homo-sapiens have been frolicking about this globe some 160,000 years. We know for sure that homosexuality has also existed in the species for likely just as long. (Caveman Brokeback Mountain  redux to appear in direct to video porn section any day now)

I can't understand why the simplest answer to this question is purely - Marriage is a wholly religious classification and therefor can only be obtained by a religious institution. Therefore The Federal and State Governments shall then only perform Civil Unions not Marriages. Sure sounds Easy Enough.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

This and That or the day hasnt the hours

- I am often so ashamed when I go long between posts -So many events I flagged to comment on are now stale, hardly worth the effort to discuss. I tend to comment of the rantings of the intelligentsia from the left and various musings from the likes Krugman, Friedman, or the typical filings from the Salon, Mother Jones New Republic progressive socialist romper rooms. I find it pretty cathartic to dissemble their alleged bona fides and boiling down them to the pathetic murmurs of the average town drunk poring his woeful dignity out for all to bare witness to.

 But alas I am a pirate without a clear target this evening . . . I am not going to dive into it the ludicrously sublime (& thoroughly discussed) Spike The Football Campaign W/ Everything you GOT POTUS is engaging in only b/c a quick Google scan shows  a mere trillion other stories regarding it. & therefore I ain't gonna start fawning over the the pending GOP Nominee Mitt Romney b/c It was made abundantly clear by his campaign throughout this primary, he ain't worried about where my conservative vote is going ( And unfortunately he is right, Conservatives know they have no other viable options) Though, a wiser more tactical man would have rallied, motivated, amped & conscripted the conservative base. Their eagerness is a wealth of energy and effort to be tapped, but he blew us off . . .seriously . . .  how hard are we gonna work the phones or get out the vote for this guy . . . Certainly not as ably as the POTUS will receive from his veteran merry band of devout automatons, well trained in the ancient martial art of voter fraud and violations. I am nearly resigned to praying for a sweep of the down ticket.

 Which is troublesome in itself, As I mentioned, I am a Conservative - Not a Republican. It is not a pleasant feeling to have to pick out from a line up of Republicans, the guys who are gonna be least likely to fist fuck the nation less. The Republican brand is still extremely damaged in my eyes from the Bush Administration and deservedly so. They played fast and loose with the Constitution and the Budget. They didn't start the fire but they damn sure didn't help matters by adding fuel to it.

 It seems too trivial to mention the Twitter Gulag this oughtta take u there. In a Nut shell, it seems the new way the left deals with opposing views is by reporting twitterers/tweeters to moderators as spam in order to cause a suspension of their accounts. Granted, I am pretty new to the scene and I am not terribly invested in the Twitter universe - it was merely an inconvenience but to see that I was one of approximately 200 other persons locked out and more importantly, silenced, that was a bit of a surprise. The debates that take place there are staggering and to an activist or political junkie of either political aisle, it is like being deaf, dumb and blind. To me, there are far more pressing issues than being suspended from Twitter -But when you consider the subject matter -the silencing of a political opposition from the forum of free ideas in such a space as Twitter - Well, it sure sounds similar to something one has to face in China.

 I see there has been a guility verdict in Medunjanin case - The Subway Suicide Bomb Plot. I followed this case closely being the terror fanatic I am. This is another one of the homegrown bunch that NY Representative Peter King was ridiculed for insisting on having a senate hearing on. Kudos Congressman King -I hope you reached out to Congressman Keith Ellison, (a fecal deposit of the highest order) who accused you being a bigoted alarmist on this matter. He will need some consoling.

Straight outta Flushing Queens after being entranced by the now deceased Imam Anwar al-Alaki., Medunjanin and two school pals set off to Pakistan to learn the delicate art of bomb making. I cant say i aint elated to hell this was broken up - the grief this is causing the Muslim community must be disturbing. Especially those that have embraced the US as their homeland. But as Major Hasan taught us in Fort Hood - we simply can not afford to walk away from looking into the community in an effort to prevent such things.

Lastly,  I see a news item on SoS Hillary Clinton URGES CHINA TO PROTECT HUMAN RIGHTS -laying it on thick & heavy in the aftermath of the Guangcheng affair BBC (Chinese Dissent who sought Asylum in US embassy *  According to interview w/ Chen He states the US was not "proactive enough" and that he was encourage by US officials to return to Chinese custody. He had wished to be granted Asylum by the US b/c quote“guaranteeing citizens’ rights in China is empty talk,”)

Note to Clinton - U and Ur boss have essentially played a "Don't ask Don't tell" grifter shell game on this issue for the PAST 3 FUCKING YEARS!! & now you or gonna feign righteous indignation over human rights . . . PLEASE - that shit ain't gonna fly now ( Note to Romney camp - This IS an Issue not Swiss Bank accounts) Anyone recall VEEP Joey B saying to the Chinese that it was not the US's place to comment on China's1 child policy? Or does Anyone recall any mention of Xinjiang province crack down or the thousand troops send to oppress the Uighers by this Administration? ANYONE? Least we forget the brave Tibetans who essentially have decided to self immolate in order to draw the worlds attention to the fact China is standing on their collective throats. Well Done POTUS - U have succeeded in turning a brutal military tyrannical state into our chief financier and sold our silence to bankroll your utopian dreams (or maybe it was the dream of your father)

 AH . . .Gosh I feel much better now

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Story Underneath

 I was perusing my local daily news paper -i will not dignify it with a link or naming it, though it is easy enough to place an educated guess if you have intimate knowledge of NYC and the five boroughs. This paper is caustically pseudo liberal/ progressive, this despite that it's overwhelming prospective audience is far more likely to be more right of center. I found an interesting article on Huntington Station finally taking an offensive stance to combat rising Gang Violence. Huntington Station has been witnessing over several decade's worth of climbing Gang violence and crime since the mid 60's but a far more staggering stretch of assault and killings since the 1990's. The final proverbial nail in the coffin was that Huntington School Board deemed the area soo unsafe as to close the Jack Abrams Intermediate School. Of the course paper says much about the underlying issues like sub standard housing, economic development lag, and a lack of recreational and educational programs. The author would like to shift blame across a wide spectrum of diverse causes and cases to blatantly avoid seeing the obvious trend that is quite easy to recognize in the demographics.

 The total population of Huntington Station is just 33029. A full one third of this community is Hispanic and while that is NOT the problem REPEAT THAT IS NOT THE HEART OF THE PROBLEM it is reason for the larger untold story, the illegal immigration population that has flocked to such communities. And again, that is not the deepest root of the problem either, the facts is - Gangs such as MS-13 and Latin Kings are feeding off this group. They are victimizing the hard working honest illegals here solely to work and make their way in life. Some are the fuel of new recruits but that is the smaller issue. The reason the illegals come to communities such as Huntington Stations is b/c of the leniency these host hamlets and villages (IE: Glen Cove, Wyandanche, Dix Hills, And others)  have for such individuals. There is little to no attempt made to reach these persons by local law enforcement and with valid reasons.

  Town police forces can neither arrest persons for immigration violations nor can they legally question a persons legal status of citizenry. They have been warned of several ill effects that may indeed come of it. They could land up in legal trouble b/c groups such as La Raza conduct operations to ferret out officers who seek such information, and also questioning a person who is here illegally often results in less useful chatter coming in from the community on a whole. So now the average local Police officer is operating with mental restraints that essentially make it easier to turn a blind eye to much of what is going on around him/her.

 Huntington Station has long had elements of street gangs in it. Bloods and Crips have been in the region since escaping the LA county in CA long ago. And while they certainly are not a benefit in any community they have spoiled, they seldom have brought the Long Island communities to such straights as the South American Gangs have wrought. & True enough these gang wars always escalate the violence to the south end of near hellish conditions. When MS-13 takes out another gangs area it is without mercy until they possess it entirely.

 My larger point is the fact that the number one prey for any of these gangs is the local illegal immigrant population. Due to their fear of being deported they simply do not report being a victim of most crimes committed against them. Being unreported, just how certain can one assess this? You need only to visit the local ER and interview the hospital staff - you soon discover the traumatic numbers endemic to these crimes. If Huntington Station truly wants to get a handle on the gang violence there, This is the holy grail of fighting it. They need to be in the shadow of the undocumented, they need to be witnessing the extortion brackets of the citizen and non citizen groups. They need to get into underground societies that band together to support these groups as well. Not with the intention of rounding up the solid folks but to grab the scumbags who are hunting them.

 I have another bone to pick on this issue as well. It is all to common for most news media to pick up the story of some poor undocumented worker beaten or killed when the perpetrators are white. But very rarely are we reported to about Hispanic on Hispanic crime unless again we can point to a larger group . . . A Street Gang. A title to the villainy but who is in the Gang? Are they made up of a bunch of preppy white kids from Whitelandia? NOPE or more precisely Not in any number worthy of trying to ferret out, it is less than a percent. The Demographics of Gang members in the US in total are as follows;
 -over the age of 18,
 -Hispanic or Black minorities
  So it is rather sad reporting when the best story being sold by the media is when of those prototypical enemy of minorities, Whites are gunning down the peaceful citizens and non citizens indiscriminately. And when  there exist an avenue for the P/C crowd to avoid mentioning a Same Race on Race Crime & they have the chance to gloss over things w/ Gang violence tag -You can be assured they will run with it with a clear conscience that they have not crossed a line of racial smearing of the minority du jour.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Maureen Dowd and Hillary Clinton Abuse Women


Why is it that Liberals, in nearly total numbers, simultaneously appear to be suffering from an acute onset of dementia? Oh never mind. I just recalled, the general election in November and the fact that their meal ticket to the dance is the epitome of an Abject Failure.

I guess I assumed better of Dowd. That she could not be swayed to fall into the patently false meme of women hood's subjugation. I had obviously considered her intelligence to be of a higher pedigree than "typical suburban mall-rat". Someone easily marketed to and corralled with hi repetitive flash media, alleged valued big buys and the consensus gentium argumentum.

Fool me once, shame on me.

Picking up and presenting Hillary Clinton as a beacon to the masses as the defender of women's rights movement is stupefyingly sublime. Hillary Clinton who elected to play Tammy Wynette's song role in reality as the Stand by Your Man spouse? The same Hillary Clinton who's sole success in the electoral body politic, was to be elected State Senator of NY/ Bluesville Central, USA- on the shop worn coat tails of her husbands final presidential term. The loving wife to Mr. B.J. Clinton, the very high watermark of Misogynistic definition cira 1983 through 2001 (as far as the verifiable record stands, that is). But of course to a dyed in the wool liberal, President Clinton did not hate women, he just loved them too much, ask Juanita Broderick if she can find some solace in that spin.

You may wish to note lesser men, for lesser allegations, pay, on average, a much heavier toll for such things.

But I have digressed, what is exceptional about Hillary Clinton's latest speech is what, with her extensive legal background has neglected or more precisely, chosen to redirect to, for the benefit of appeal to womanhood. That is, the debate is not and has not ever been about acting cruelly against women. The matter is whether religious institutions, their assorted faculties & facilities can be required by government fiat to provide for services not recognized by their religious doctrines and/ or dogma. And that fight is one they can not win in any court that is following its constitutional predicate. So the left has spun the debate into outlandish arguments of oppression placed on women.

"Why extremist always focus on women remains a mystery to me, but they all seem to. It doesn't matter what religion they claim. They want to control women. They want to control how we dress. They want to control how we act. They even want to control the decisions we make about our own bodies and health care.
Yes, it is hard to believe that even here, at home, we have to stand up for women's rights and reject efforts to marginalize any one of us, because America needs to set an example for the world"
Hillary Clinton @ Women in the World Summit

Now there several fallacies SoS Clinton made in this portion of her speech. First off extremist tend to stone or lash their women folk when they do not follow their religious based laws. So right off the bat, Mrs. Clinton is swinging for the fences with her rhetoric red meat for the leftist mob. Next the fiction continues regarding control . . . Failure to provide free Birth Control is now considered controlling a woman? Really? It was that simple to wrest power away from my wife And I had simply failed to notice?  Simply refusing to purchase prophylactics and a man could gain complete control of the ladyfolk in residence and subsequent decisions like what to watch on television or where to eat out and better yet what side of the bed he wished to sleep on- Gosh Mrs. C you let the cat outta the bag now. . .

Where Hillary really gets me rolling though is @ the line about controlling women's health and body b/c ( well it is two fold as to what is pure stupidity) the fact that an individual or an institution doesn't want to provide a woman with birth control is the exact opposite of seeking to want anything todo with control - It is completely a Hands Off Approach! One could say it was a noninterventionist sexual policy! And the other thing
(**warning sophomoric satire ahead** ) I find it beyond hilarious regarding that particular statement, if men truly had control over women's bodies well, let's just say there would be great wealth of men walking around with a spring in their step and smile upon their faces. ( you were Warned )

Ms/ Mrs. Dowd goes further to point out how the Democrats shall reap the reward of fleeing masses of women with their birth control clinched tightly to their chests, running away from the Brutish Neanderthal Republican party. As if that were not the whole intention from the very start of this chicanery in the first place.

Fool me twice, Shame on Me

Team Obama needs an issue to win with. The three year long economic destruction he has created via policy decisions is of no help to them. They are Desperate to keep their illegal war with Mexico ( AKA Fast and Furious ) in the back pages of the press. Their jaunt into venture capitalism on green energy and job creation was wasteful, poorly conceived, and appearing each and every day to be more of a money laundering operation for Obama campaign bundlers. Stimulus jobs that never appeared, more rigorous drone attacks over foreign allegedly allies nations, extraordinary expansion of the presidential powers in the form detaining US Citizens ( w/out trial) merely suspected of being in association with terrorist groups or the current legislation aimed to shut off demonstrations and free speech protections.

Makes one wonder why Obama and his cadre of cacophonous cat callers are screeching scandalous lies to the female American public, don't it?

How true and fitting is Winston Churchill's quote-" a lie gets half way around the world before the truth even gets it's pants on"

This is nothing new for the left to out and out lie and then direct the fourth estate to repeat it, in non stop fashion until . . . eventually, the fiction is understood to be the reality. How villainous Maureen Dowd is for purposely abusing the privilege her female companions placed in her, by feeding them utter contemptible BS.

A message the GOP should be getting out to the Female Electorate? Someone is definitely trying to control and manipulate you and ain't US.

Please feel free to share expeditiously  . . . Comments welcomed . . .Go Forth and pick a fight w/ a liberal

Monday, March 12, 2012

What exactly is Mother Jones Spiking the Water Cooler With?

Re: Kevin Drum's article- Barack Obama's Had a Pretty Damn Good Presidency

Um . . . Alrighty Then, by the standards of Progressives and their radical notions of turning The US into a mirror image of euro socialism on steroids, I presume I can indeed fathom their reasoning, regardless of how fatally flawed it desperately is.

It is easy enough to spot the bated exuberance on the faces of most MSNBC on air hosts, or at the least, most of the time - the sole cable news organization out of the bias closet. And of course to witness any "campaign. / presidential pressor" he is making these days, you certainly can not miss the fainting adoring public impersonating a show at the local Aquarium - the Clapping Seal Throngs. I ought not have been surprised to find the astute staff at Mother Jones seeking to make Lemonade given the dearth of lemon bushels President Obama has served up.

Mr Drum is not happy though. He expected a more vigorous erosion of The US status quo,
a swifter double time march into the modern throes of social egalitarianism. A magnificent bloat of Government soo large & stupefyingly grand as to blight every vested interest in the private sector economy. In fact from his position, dare I say he had hoped to see the sun and sky blocked by the sheer girth of Government he would truly desire to report on.

Poor Kevin feels as though President Obama has abandoned his principled progressive ideology. Somewhere out there is evidence of Obama disregarding the enviro statist, ignoring the labor movement, trashing the education pleaders and just kicking the shit outta the narcissistic Occupy Protesters.(Special note- Mr. Drum obviously seems to have elected to willfully suspended disbelief that Occupy is an AstroTurf organized to fight off the nasty fact President Barrack is funded by Wall St and his potential GOP opponent is tarred and feathered, rightly or wrongly, with that blood libel of being a bail out 1 percenter )

Mister Drum laments Obama's hand off approach to dealing with matters in Congress and feels the President has been overly conciliatory to the GOP (John, I won the election ...) The general opinion on the left has been that the Administration should take charge and run the Congress over. Such as unconstitutionally declaring the Congress in recess and make appointments without the advise and consent of the legislative branch having a single thing chance to discuss it. See Richard Cordray NLRB appointment a travesty of power shift over the Congress. That said there is a deep well of disappointments of conservatives such as I have with the President's ability to garner a bipartisan support.His negotiation has been nil and lackluster. supporting Evidence would be Obama's healthcare plan, debt limit reductions, stimulus,& omnibus spending packages.

 Kevin Drum goes on to the key liberal issues that consist of Gitmo, Drone Attacks, Targeted Assassinations,Renditions, Torture, Patriot Act, & State Secrecy - fairly straight down the line of the reasons liberals really wanted to Bush swept out in 2004. And yet their Progressive Messiah has done little to nothing to change GW's policy and in fact has seized the new found powers of the Commander in Chief tittle with passion, zim and zeal  while the Progressives are in fact showing a bit worried disconcerting at the advance of the executive branch's ability to round up any dissident voices. And well should they be . . . This President unlike the majority of the past lacks a respect for following constitutional moorings and established processes.

 But here what Mr. Drum considers the best darn things President Obama has managed despite the divided Congress ( though the first 2 years he had a super majority- he could have essentially whatever he wanted)

 1. Passed Health Care Reform - The number ONE weight wrapped firmly around the US Economy's throat as it struggles to stay afloat

2. Passed the Stimulus - That Failed and dare I say - never was truly intended to create jobs but to kick back to his big time donors - Banksters and Greenies

3. Passed Wall Street Reform - Wall St helped write the mother F*#@!ing law -they are laughing themselves til they wet their pants - the Dodd Frank bill is eating the small time community lenders and banks into extinction.

4. Ended the War in Iraq - just in time to insure they collapse into a civil war despite all the blood and treasure we invested in a stable Iraq.

6. Eliminated Osama bin Laden - He popped a cap in OBL all by his lonesome is that right? BS - he green lighted the mission ( and inside white house sources say that was even difficult) based on intel collected over the years from multiple sources and tactics. . . do not pat him on the back . . . this single biggest get is simply b/c he voted "present" once again.

7. Turned Around US Auto Industry - Stop me if i am wrong but Chrysler is now owned by Fiat in Italy? GM is in a tug of war w/ China and Both still owe a boat load of money to the taxpayers. He could say Ford has managed nicely but they didn't take a bail out or get taken over by the Administration did they? NOPE

9. Repealed "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" - WOW well let us just see how well this works out before we give him a standing O for it.

12. Reversed Bush Torture Policies - We still have black ops sites and no we have absolutely no guarantee Enhanced Interrogation Procedures are not  being used in these secret facilities despite what the Administration says - They after all have proven themselves willing to lie at a moments notice.

 In the end run Kevin Drum and the rest of the Momma Jones crowd - they need to believe that they did not get duped. That the President is the mighty Progressive Messiah even if he is only human and flawed. They need to build his image b/c his presidency has been an utter and complete disaster. And perhaps the saddest part of that is they know it all too well.

 So what are they spiking the water cooler with folks? Hope and change?

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Too late, the heroes?


As Syria continues it's death spiral into history as yet another epic failure in the collective consciousness of humanitarian principles, a celebrated figure of the past has wandered to the storm front.

To a polite sigh rising from the exasperated global powers that be, those that legitimately are seeking a cessation to the violence Syria has erupted in, Kofi Annan has stepped to the center stage. In a somewhat ambitious attempt to either increase his "noirish" legend or to actually provide a single once of a yet unforeseen solution to the bloody conflict, Annan the former General Secretary of the United Nations has engaged the dilemma of a dictator brutally crushing his own people and the congealing masses of foreign combatants entering his country for their own heretofore unknowable purposes. ** meme cue the battle hawks of the Neocons Nation Builders**

I ponder darkly, why the western world breathlessly places much faith in the skills of Mr. Annan at all. The man seldom met a dictator he did not wish to lie down with from the cruel ruthless meddle of Saddam to the murderous Mullahs of Tehran, the madness of Kim Jong Il to the paranoia of Gaddafi. Annan proved no despot, tyrant or military junta was too inhumane to warrant his expressed disapproval. Except, of course George W. Bush .

The media paints a portrait of Annan as a champion that re enters the arena to vanquish, yet again, a malevolent evil. But a brief refresher of Annan's 10 years as the GSOUN depicts a terrifying counter image of a passive man in the face of unadulterated terrors of genocides, scandals and corruptions of humanitarian programs, and tragic repercussions of peace keeping assignments.

The very fact Annan has accepted the opportunity to broker a truce with Assad and his people should send a shudder down your spine and a deep instinctual sense of foreboding to a genocide to be born. If you feel that is over the top perhaps you may wish to brush up on the Rwandan, Bosnian and Sudanese genocides that blanket Kofi's illustrious career.

God have mercy on the Syrian people. The Lord knows Assad shall not be as cordial.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This and that

The puppet show the Democrat party is putting on is quite enchanting. They are masters of creating a narrative of their own choosing and distracting the focus from actualities. They have paraded a 30 year old activist/ law student to claim she is the picture of "every women" who has suffered under shoddy woman's health coverage and told tells of woe of other female students suffered such oppressive yoke ... Of a lack of insurance coverage for contraception...Which is not the actual debate . . . Despite the fact that media has done it's very best to report is if that is the problem ... The actual problem is the federal government doesn't have the ability to force religious institutions to insure persons to obtain services that contradict their doctrines and conscience due to the free exercise clause of the First admenment of our Constitution. 

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Realizing they would not survive that battle in the general public with a coalition of faiths that rallied to the side of the Catholic Church and their institutions, the Democrats swiftly changed gears and tried to race the media over to a false argument, that women are being denied healthcare, under a charade of an official setting for the fateful testimony of that young woman was not in any official federal hearing or committee & with a new found cause celeb in Ms. Sandra Fluke A devout Pro Abortion advocate.

  So this drone of " news" has carried on now for several weeks and recently culminated in a stupidity contest between the bombastic Rush Limbaugh and standard bearers of the left in faux horror over inappropriate analogies. And that in itself is a whole other conversation in itself. And that is the point.
Dancing around this conversation means not needing to address the crucial issues that are slowly crushing the population. 


 President Obama ' s policy regarding the energy sector is aiding the rising cost of gasoline and in turn affecting the cost of consumer goods

 The Justice Department has done everything but bury it's head below the sand in investigating itself (note* why the hell is there not a special prosecutor investigating?) on what essentially was an illegal war on Mexican citizens w/ project Fast and Furious.

 The swift passage of new bill that seeks to strip yet more of our first admenment rights ( an over zealous reaction law written in the wake of the Arizona shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords)

 But by all means... Carry on watching the puppet show... I am sure it is just too fascinating to look away from.

Peace b w/ u all

Friday, March 2, 2012

Andrew Breitbart the quintessential case for burnout over fade away

I never met Breitbart and I didn't regularly peruse his blog spots or his twitter account I read of his antics and was proud to know that somewhere someone actually acted upon the lunacy that bounced around in our heads to enact the truest form of social justice. Setting up ACORN w/ a faux Pimp and prostitute. Holding Weiner to his Weiner pic. Exposing Sherod so completely that a double take mistakenly exonerated her due to complete lack of comprehension ( hatip to Mark Levin/ Professor William Jacobson @ Legal Insurrection)

Andrew Breitbart passed away in the early Am of March 1st 2012. Within hours the conservatives lined the electronic main streets of the blogosphere with best wishes to the Breitobart family - fond recollections of the frenzied paces of this madman conservative setting fire to the left's sacred articles(all the while w/ a song in his heart)
- some scorching celebration from the targets of Breitbarts rhetorical fire breathing. Elated for their new found victory that they anxiously collected in Breitbarts passing that they could seldom manage during his life and career. I am sure - even now the realization of a satisfaction unearned is bitter only to those who had once tasted victory earned and hard fought for... Those that celebrate do so only because they had not the ability to stand beneath the scrunity that Breitbart brought to bare.

And to the irrelevant few of the left and of the right who elected to piss on the memory of the man. He didn't bother with in life and there for you deserve no better treatment in his death. Peace b w/ you all

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This and That

I am absolutely convinced now that there exactly no chance any of these GOP canidates will run and win the national election. It is not completely their own flaws or poor decisions, it is not their gaffes nor miscalculations that shall lead them to defeat but their breathless hounding by the national media.

The media have called this vetting. Really? I have seen proctologist exams go less indepth than the current gaggle of journalist have. Dredging up an ex spouse, finding bimbos who claim to sleep around, theology and Olde Nick, magical underwear and tainted newsletters. This is what has past for journalistic integrity during this 2012 presidential election. One need not wonder why we face a nation so utterly dysfunctional and withered.

What can I say that will give any of this a substantial point of view?

I can list the total debt of our nation - 15.5 trillion subject to vast expansion if we factor in items such as junk housing inventories and unfunded liabilities/ obligations
I can point to a job market that is being massaged to look good ( ha) at being a mere 8.3% (sob) when in reality the true figure for The complete unemployment is at 16.8 % (48 million)
The jobs that once employed these masses have vanished construction, manufacturing, services,
and the local mom and pops ...

The world governments are extraordinarily frayed, massive economic collapses hover in the distance. The social unrest is breeding like fungus in a well maintained petrey dish experiment. I would not be lieing to say wars have begun in more stable times. Sections are literally on fire now, such as the middle east ( yeah I recognize the oxymoronic hue to such a statement)

Today I heard the truest summation made in regard to what stares the population of the US in the face by Newt ( as in Newton not the amphibian) Gingrich here it is . . .

defeating Obama at the November poll is a matter of urgent national security because he is the "most dangerous president in modern American history."

How can that be ? The national media that is so diligently examining the current crop of Wanna be Leaders of the Free World, surely must have checked President Barack Obama as rigorously, right?

Um nope, not even close, when troubling indicators came to the light of day the Media and Journalist tucked their microphones and pens into their suit jackets. When comments that suggested the man had a distinctly different views of American exceptional ism and opinions that may be applauded by the spirits of Marx and Lenin.

But there is light ... Somewhere...in the world . . .a beautifully warm and brilliant light shines . . . Or so I pray

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Congressman Allen West correcting the false narrative of a bigoted Republican Party

In honor of Black History Month Florida Congressman AllenvWest set the record straight
regarding the degrading lies and allegations spread across the nation by the left. Here is the transcript

Mr. WEST. Mr. Speaker, in commemoration of Black History Month, I rise to acknowledge the Republican Party's proud and storied history of standing up for the rights of African Americans. The first black Members of Congress served during Reconstruction, and they were all Republicans. They won their seats, despite fierce threats of violence against black voters by groups like the Ku Klux Klan, and were successful only as a result of the firm support they received from the Republican Party. One of these Members was Josiah T. Walls, a slave who earned his freedom through service to the Union in the Civil War. He settled in Alachua County, in our sunny State of Florida, and was repeatedly elected to Congress at-large.

In some ways, Mr. Speaker, I carry the torch of Josiah Walls. You see, in 1876, the Democrats contested his election and had him replaced midterm with one of their own. No black Republican would again be elected from Florida to this House until November 2, 2010, when the voters of that State entrusted me to be their Representative.

On my desk in my office, there is a book called "Capitol Men,'' and it is a biography of those first black Members of Congress. I stand where Josiah Walls and the other early black Republican Members of Congress once stood--Hiram Revels of Mississippi; Benjamin Turner of Alabama; Jefferson Long of Georgia; Robert DeLarge, Robert Brown Elliott, and Joseph Rainey, all of South Carolina. They were the ones who carried that first torch for my colleague, Tim Scott.

They would have stood here urging support for policies of equal opportunity for all. Mr. Speaker, I stand here this evening to recognize their legacy.

The Republican Party has always been the party of freedom. Today, we understand that our principles are best served when we act as stalwart advocates of free markets. But historically, Republicans understood that the value of every human life is diminished when any human life is made to work against its will. Free markets are characterized by the free exchange of goods and services--and by the free exchange of labor for compensation. You see, Mr. Speaker, without free people, there can be no free markets.

Where men are not free, freedom does not reign. And so the Republicans have always been the party of free men, of individual freedom. It was President Abraham Lincoln, the father of the Grand Old Party, who signed the Emancipation Proclamation and brought about the freeing of the slaves. For many, this is the beginning and the end of the Republican Party's role in advancing equal rights. But that understanding misses the myriad ways our party went on to better the lives of Black Americans and cheapens the many contributions that later generations of Republicans made to the cause of freedom.

It was, in fact, Republicans of their day who worked to pass the 13th, the 14th, and the 15th Amendments, securing for African Americans deliverance from slavery, equal protection under the law, and the right to vote.

Each of these accomplishments did its part to cement the fundamental freedoms all Americans enjoy today. None of them could have gotten off the ground without GOP support. Take the 13th amendment, for example. At Abraham Lincoln's request, the Republican National Committee Chairman Edwin Morgan made abolishing slavery an official part of the party's platform in 1864. At that year's national convention, he opened with a statement on the topic. He said: The party of which you, gentlemen, are the delegated and honored representatives, will fall far short of accomplishing its great mission unless among its other resolves it shall declare for such an amendment of the Constitution as will positively prohibit African slavery in the United States.

The 14th Amendment was no different. A little known fact about that law that granted Black Americans citizenship, with all the rights and privileges thereof, is that every vote in favor was cast by a Republican and every vote against was cast by a Democrat. In 1968, when the Democrat-controlled legislature of New Jersey voted to rescind its ratification of the 14th Amendment, it was the State's Republican Governor who vetoed that attempt.

Mr. Speaker, it was the Republican-controlled 39th Congress that established the Buffalo Soldiers, a fighting force of six regiments of Black American troops. They would soon become known for exhibiting the "courage of a cornered buffalo'' in battle while posted to the frontier. In peacetime, they gained renown for being the finest horsemen the Army had to offer. And in 1907, the 10th Cavalry Regiment of Buffalo Soldiers was sent to the United States Military Academy at West Point to teach the cadets riding skills and mounted drill.

Mr. Speaker, think about that for a second: the commanders of their day were so confident in the ability of the Buffalo Soldiers that they entrusted them with the training of the next generation of Army leaders. And it was the Republicans who made that happen.

It was the Republicans who passed the 15th Amendment, as well. For once, the story is true that not every Republican supported it. A few abstained, saying the measure did not go far enough. It was the Democrats who voted against the 15th Amendment, and when it passed anyway, it was the Democrats who resorted to the use of poll taxes, literacy tests, intimidation and other pernicious practices in an effort to keep Black Americans from exercising their right to vote. This was something that my grandparents and my parents experienced growing up in south Georgia.

It was a Republican by the name of Senator Charles Sumner who got the equal rights movement on its feet. A fierce abolitionist and leader of the "Radical Republicans'' --sounds very familiar when they start talking about Tea Party Republicans--Senator Sumner wrote and shepherded the first ever civil rights bill through Congress. It was a Republican President, the great General Ulysses S. Grant, who signed it into law the same day that it passed. And that comprehensive bill, the Civil Rights Act of 1875, would become the blueprint for every subsequent piece of civil rights legislation to come before Congress despite the fact that it was struck down by a backward-looking court.

It was the Republicans who first called for racial justice in the Armed Forces, not only allowing Black Americans to serve their country, but welcoming them to serve their country alongside their white brothers.

It was a Republican judge named Elbert Tuttle who time and again ruled in favor of civil rights and who went on [Page: H797] to order the University of Mississippi to admit its first ever Black college student. It was a Republican Supreme Court Justice who authored the decision in Brown v. Board of Education that recognized racial segregation for what it was: a violation of the United States Constitution.

And when a school district in Arkansas refused to integrate, it was a Republican President, Dwight David Eisenhower, who sent in the 101st Airborne Division to escort the Little Rock Nine to class. However, it was a Democrat Governor in Orval Faubus, you may recall, who had tried to use his National Guardsmen to prevent them from enrolling.

Mr. Speaker, Republicans were unfazed by the many Democrats, including John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, who criticized President Eisenhower's decision. Meanwhile, it was the Democrats in the Senate who filibustered the first civil rights act of the 20th century and the Republicans who managed to pass it nonetheless. The law established a Civil Rights Division within the Justice Department and authorized the Attorney General to request injunctions against anyone attempting to deny a person's right to vote. It was written at the behest of President Eisenhower after a long drought of civil rights bills under Presidents Franklin Delano Roosevelt and President Harry Truman.

It was a Senate minority leader, Everett Dirksen, a Republican, who helped write the first Civil Rights Act of 1964, widely regarded as the most influential of them all. And in recent years, it's been the Republican Party that has fought to prevent African Americans from being trapped in a permanent underclass through dependence on government handouts.

In the 1990s, it was the Republican-controlled 104th Congress that passed the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act. Then-Democrat President Bill Clinton signed it only after reluctantly having vetoed it twice.

This reform changed the face of welfare, ensuring that recipients who were able to work would be required to seek employment. No longer would government checks be seen as an entitlement. No longer would States have a financial incentive to add as many names to their welfare rolls as possible. Finally, there was an alternative to the cycle of poverty caused by years of misguided Democrat policy. And it's been Republicans who have continued to fight for the underprivileged communities, even as we're painted as the party of the white upper class.

In 2004, another Republican-controlled Congress under the leadership of Republican President George W. Bush signed an omnibus bill that included a voucher program for school children right here in the District of Columbia. Instead of being shackled to the failed public school system, thousands of students were able to use the first Federal Government vouchers to escape high-performing private schools.

Mr. Speaker, what Republicans have long understood is that poor communities are best served when they're empowered to care for themselves. The more they come to rely on government checks, the less they learn to rely on their own ability and ingenuity.

Our party firmly believes in the safety net. We reject the idea of the safety net becoming a hammock. For this reason, the Republican value of minimizing government dependence is particularly beneficial to the poorest among us. Conversely, the Democratic appetite for ever-increasing redistributionary handouts is in fact the most insidious form of slavery remaining in the world today and does not promote economic freedom. Time after time, the GOP has stood strong as leaders on issues of conscience. Even when the positions we've taken have been unpopular, we've held the line and ultimately brought about liberty and justice for all. From eliminating slavery, to securing full citizenship and voting rights for African Americans, to calling for desegregation even in the most hostile bastions of the Deep South, to implementing school choice in poor communities, to helping black families break out of the cycle of welfare dependence, Mr. Speaker, Republicans have been on the front lines of the fight for equal rights and individual manifest destiny since our party's founding under Lincoln.

So, too, has the party led on issues like reducing the size of government, streamlining the Federal bureaucracy, and returning power to the States. These positions didn't always garner the most popular support at the time. It's easier to convince a person that a government should be doing something for them it currently isn't than to convince a person the government shouldn't be doing something for them it currently is.

But real visionary leaders don't retreat from fights. It is said that one evening, as George Washington sat at his table after dinner, the fire behind him flared up, leading him to move his chair away so as not to end up getting burned. When someone called George Washington out, saying a general ought to be able to stand the fire, he responded that no general should ever be taking fire from behind.

That is the essence of integrity and conviction--the willingness to stand for what you believe at all times, alone if need be, without the option of retreat, no matter how tough the slog ahead may be, and to do so with the faith that eventually it is possible to transform a losing fight into a winning one.

For inspiration, we need only to look to the former slave and Republican, Frederick Douglass. Having found his way to freedom through education and hard work, he could have been forgiven for retiring from the public eye, but he didn't back down from the work still to be done. Instead, he made himself one of the most stalwart champions of not just the antislavery movement, but the women's rights movement as well. He wasn't content to lend his political capital to causes that would benefit him.

He knew what we know, that injustice anywhere is an affront to the human spirit.

To free African Americans from the bonds of slavery was only the first step for Frederick Douglass, and he would not be satisfied until he helped liberate women from the bonds of misogyny as well. In those days, Douglass could count on the Republican Party to be his ally in the fight. Today, we remain no less dedicated to the cause of freedom.

So therefore, Mr. Speaker, with a core belief in the supremacy and the sovereignty of the individual and the unconditional dignity of every human life, the Republican Party is, always has been, and forever shall be the party of equality of opportunity. Happy Black History Month.

Mr. Speaker, I yield back the balance of my time.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Response to No Quarter's Larry Johnson

So long story short I got one real day off and a mess of things to get accomplished on that day but I simply could resist getting this out to respond to Larry Johnson @ No Quarter blog. They are rampant Romney fans - desperate to see Obama crushed for his sin of running over their Saint Hillary they despise Gingrich for his kneecapping Clinton. And now have targeted Santorum.
I took way too much time to write this response so I am posting it here.


 I see you have cast the gaunlet to conservatives as to why they would support Santorum . To be perfectly clear i will support whoever is the nominee . 

First I will address the negatives you have laid out, and then follow up with a big point you avoided to mention.

 1) the deadly threat of earmarks - true some of the past decades earmark projects and pork barrel spending were wasteful expenditures meant to lock in support for other projects and votes. That is the ugly way of Washington DC.  Party politics and back scratching are the way things are done from getting for Osprey helicopters ( Santorum voted Yes) to funding high speed rails between cemeteries and prisons ( tarp money to CA for that ) .  In comparison to the spending our federal government is currently engaging in, is to compare a shot glass to a beer vat.  Earmarks are in fact a duty of a congress person and representatives, to trying get tax money back to their own states to fund infrastructure projects ( not one man in the primary today is clean of the practice of petitioning for earmarks for their states  Goggle It ) That is part of their responsibility. Have there been excesses? You betcha.  But in the grand scheme of Santorums efforts are softball compared to the likes of Saint Hillary Clinton (in fiscal 2008 alone out earmarked all by 5 times the amount. )  I see that Senator Kennedy and Representative Barney Frank grand slammed earmark dollars and I can't seem to recall a peep out of an alleged Conservative Governor during his single term in office. So bang your drum people earmarks are evil and installing central planning health insurance with unconstitutional mandates on all living citizens of a state is a Ok.

 2) Job creation -  Santorum can't compete to Romney's Jobs creation can he? He certainly didn't run a venture capital business that had access to business's across the spectrum of the economy.  No - as a senator he wasn't in the business of hiring people on that level. He voted in congress and worked to achieve funding of projects ( earmarks) to bring tax money back into the state to increase hiring. He supported Tax cuts to ensure the business community had the money to invest in their business either human resources or products which produces human capital in other business's .  He opposed NAFTA that endangered his constituents work opportunities ( it did by the way). He voted  for tariffs on imported steel and consumer products coming from China based on their currency  manipulation. He has voted for labor unions in the past due to the wishes of his Constiuents and has  indicated his support for national right to work legistations if serving as President. I have little reason to doubt that considering ratings from the American Conservative Union are at 90%.

 So while he didn't create jobs so to speak he did take the available avenues of his position to spur job growth in his state. 

3) The gay marriage issue/ family values - though you did not mention it I feel it needs to be addressed. IE: goggle Santorum 
  When Rick Santorum discusses family values - he is aimed at the traditional family model Father,Mother and children. Some people who have targeted his position  like to mention a lack of sympathy to the changing metrics of American families. His main conviction is that the traditional family model offers the best chances of raising better prepared children. It offers children stronger economic parameters, better foundations in understanding healthy adult relationships and a respect for discipline.  While he understands that the modern family is shifting from two parents and single earner households to single parent/earner households he still maintains correctly it is less than optimal to raise a family in such a manner. A common model developing the past thirty years is that of extended family members acting in surrogate parenting roles, which can be a good substitute given the circumstance.

 His views on homosexuality are more faith based than an outward fear and intolerance of this group. His principled arguments regarding same sex marriage is that once breached the definition of marriage will stand multiple contests to continue extending it out past two individuals of consenting age.(slippery slope argument). Aside from that, he makes the case across the globe no civilization in past history of mankind had ever thought to grant same sex marriages before the Netherlands did in 2001.
 Of the countries that have elected to go this route (Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland and Argentina) all are witnessing declining birth rates and  an increase in fatherless children. One may question if being a fatherless child is a bad thing on occasion  but statistically speaking it has an adverse effect. In fatherless children you can see higher incarceration rates, education drop out rates, suicides, gender identification confusion, juvenile delinquency, and aggression in young males. 

 So in a nut shell as a conservative I can back Santorum without batting an eye.

 So perhaps maybe some folks here can explain to me, how exactly is Romney ( the newly crowned  conservative by CPAC) going pull this thing off? 

He has lost the healthcare debate before day one. And that is HUGE . . . With that one issue - you show Barrack Obama as singularly focused on achieving that one objective that he allowed the economy to tailspin for the first 18 months of his term. 

 The occupy movement was spawned and designed to eviscerate a potential top earner like Romney... The language of class warfare ( which he has foolishly embraced on occasion) is set to be drag before the mass media markets to the politically unattentive, like a famished lion eviscerates its prey. Add to this, his recorded gaffes,  to be edited & used out of context  ... I like to fire people & I don't care about the poor . . . He is already facing a swift and certain defeat. 

 His new found conservativism is strikingly slim on historical evidence. Supporting a minimum wage increase is definitely not a position on the right wing nor is it a blessing to his job growth platform. In fact while in his single term as MA governor He opposed an increase correctly noting the horrendous track record it has on job growth. His proposed tax plan is completely uninspiring and he has not shied away from a tax increase on people/ small business earning $200,000. ( sounds vaguely familiar don't it?) No flattening of the rates and no laid out tax reform of substance leaving yet more uncertainty to clog the gears of the economy. 

 He is now a staunch anti illegal/ undocumented worker hawk. & yet when he was the acting Gov of MA his position was quite different.  2005 Boston Globe interview has Romney supporting legistations that allows illegal aliens to obtain citizenship after registering waiting 6 years & then paying a fine . He called this a reasonable course of action.  That is a far cry from what he as a Canidate has said and there where no efforts in his time in the Governorship to authorize state police to arrest persons on visa/immigration violations until the last month of his term in office. 

 My thing is ... Saying one thing is merely lip service compared to what you do when you are in the position to do it. 

 For all the most dedicated Romney folks smashing every other Canidate to pieces, Tell me how Romney Vs Obama is any different from Willkie vs FDR in 1940.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

The most Important Election of Our Lifetime

To be completely honest I never bought such dramatic hyperbole. As long as I have had the opportunity to participate in the process of electing a man to the presidency I have never voted for either of the two major parties. How treacherous that must sound for my conservative brethren and likely just foolish to progressive minded readers. I dare say I myself feel a degree of uncertainty in the opinion I long held . . . The brand name political parties are a big part of the problem that has driven this nation in the past 80 years. Not because I don't firmly believe it to be true any longer, but because now I feel a pang of guilt for not having been vocal enough.

To be clear, my conservative vote here in NY is not going to do a blessed thing in a national election. The State is solidly deepest Democrat Blue, and the electorate has not gone for the Republican since 1984- Reagan's 1st. Term. I am conscious of the fact my precious vote but a splinter of driftwood in a vast ocean. Therefor I can vote with impunity That my vote should not hold much sway and I may cast about for any third party.