Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This and That

I am absolutely convinced now that there exactly no chance any of these GOP canidates will run and win the national election. It is not completely their own flaws or poor decisions, it is not their gaffes nor miscalculations that shall lead them to defeat but their breathless hounding by the national media.

The media have called this vetting. Really? I have seen proctologist exams go less indepth than the current gaggle of journalist have. Dredging up an ex spouse, finding bimbos who claim to sleep around, theology and Olde Nick, magical underwear and tainted newsletters. This is what has past for journalistic integrity during this 2012 presidential election. One need not wonder why we face a nation so utterly dysfunctional and withered.

What can I say that will give any of this a substantial point of view?

I can list the total debt of our nation - 15.5 trillion subject to vast expansion if we factor in items such as junk housing inventories and unfunded liabilities/ obligations
I can point to a job market that is being massaged to look good ( ha) at being a mere 8.3% (sob) when in reality the true figure for The complete unemployment is at 16.8 % (48 million)
The jobs that once employed these masses have vanished construction, manufacturing, services,
and the local mom and pops ...

The world governments are extraordinarily frayed, massive economic collapses hover in the distance. The social unrest is breeding like fungus in a well maintained petrey dish experiment. I would not be lieing to say wars have begun in more stable times. Sections are literally on fire now, such as the middle east ( yeah I recognize the oxymoronic hue to such a statement)

Today I heard the truest summation made in regard to what stares the population of the US in the face by Newt ( as in Newton not the amphibian) Gingrich here it is . . .

defeating Obama at the November poll is a matter of urgent national security because he is the "most dangerous president in modern American history."

How can that be ? The national media that is so diligently examining the current crop of Wanna be Leaders of the Free World, surely must have checked President Barack Obama as rigorously, right?

Um nope, not even close, when troubling indicators came to the light of day the Media and Journalist tucked their microphones and pens into their suit jackets. When comments that suggested the man had a distinctly different views of American exceptional ism and opinions that may be applauded by the spirits of Marx and Lenin.

But there is light ... Somewhere...in the world . . .a beautifully warm and brilliant light shines . . . Or so I pray

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