Sunday, February 5, 2012

The most Important Election of Our Lifetime

To be completely honest I never bought such dramatic hyperbole. As long as I have had the opportunity to participate in the process of electing a man to the presidency I have never voted for either of the two major parties. How treacherous that must sound for my conservative brethren and likely just foolish to progressive minded readers. I dare say I myself feel a degree of uncertainty in the opinion I long held . . . The brand name political parties are a big part of the problem that has driven this nation in the past 80 years. Not because I don't firmly believe it to be true any longer, but because now I feel a pang of guilt for not having been vocal enough.

To be clear, my conservative vote here in NY is not going to do a blessed thing in a national election. The State is solidly deepest Democrat Blue, and the electorate has not gone for the Republican since 1984- Reagan's 1st. Term. I am conscious of the fact my precious vote but a splinter of driftwood in a vast ocean. Therefor I can vote with impunity That my vote should not hold much sway and I may cast about for any third party.

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