Monday, March 12, 2012

What exactly is Mother Jones Spiking the Water Cooler With?

Re: Kevin Drum's article- Barack Obama's Had a Pretty Damn Good Presidency

Um . . . Alrighty Then, by the standards of Progressives and their radical notions of turning The US into a mirror image of euro socialism on steroids, I presume I can indeed fathom their reasoning, regardless of how fatally flawed it desperately is.

It is easy enough to spot the bated exuberance on the faces of most MSNBC on air hosts, or at the least, most of the time - the sole cable news organization out of the bias closet. And of course to witness any "campaign. / presidential pressor" he is making these days, you certainly can not miss the fainting adoring public impersonating a show at the local Aquarium - the Clapping Seal Throngs. I ought not have been surprised to find the astute staff at Mother Jones seeking to make Lemonade given the dearth of lemon bushels President Obama has served up.

Mr Drum is not happy though. He expected a more vigorous erosion of The US status quo,
a swifter double time march into the modern throes of social egalitarianism. A magnificent bloat of Government soo large & stupefyingly grand as to blight every vested interest in the private sector economy. In fact from his position, dare I say he had hoped to see the sun and sky blocked by the sheer girth of Government he would truly desire to report on.

Poor Kevin feels as though President Obama has abandoned his principled progressive ideology. Somewhere out there is evidence of Obama disregarding the enviro statist, ignoring the labor movement, trashing the education pleaders and just kicking the shit outta the narcissistic Occupy Protesters.(Special note- Mr. Drum obviously seems to have elected to willfully suspended disbelief that Occupy is an AstroTurf organized to fight off the nasty fact President Barrack is funded by Wall St and his potential GOP opponent is tarred and feathered, rightly or wrongly, with that blood libel of being a bail out 1 percenter )

Mister Drum laments Obama's hand off approach to dealing with matters in Congress and feels the President has been overly conciliatory to the GOP (John, I won the election ...) The general opinion on the left has been that the Administration should take charge and run the Congress over. Such as unconstitutionally declaring the Congress in recess and make appointments without the advise and consent of the legislative branch having a single thing chance to discuss it. See Richard Cordray NLRB appointment a travesty of power shift over the Congress. That said there is a deep well of disappointments of conservatives such as I have with the President's ability to garner a bipartisan support.His negotiation has been nil and lackluster. supporting Evidence would be Obama's healthcare plan, debt limit reductions, stimulus,& omnibus spending packages.

 Kevin Drum goes on to the key liberal issues that consist of Gitmo, Drone Attacks, Targeted Assassinations,Renditions, Torture, Patriot Act, & State Secrecy - fairly straight down the line of the reasons liberals really wanted to Bush swept out in 2004. And yet their Progressive Messiah has done little to nothing to change GW's policy and in fact has seized the new found powers of the Commander in Chief tittle with passion, zim and zeal  while the Progressives are in fact showing a bit worried disconcerting at the advance of the executive branch's ability to round up any dissident voices. And well should they be . . . This President unlike the majority of the past lacks a respect for following constitutional moorings and established processes.

 But here what Mr. Drum considers the best darn things President Obama has managed despite the divided Congress ( though the first 2 years he had a super majority- he could have essentially whatever he wanted)

 1. Passed Health Care Reform - The number ONE weight wrapped firmly around the US Economy's throat as it struggles to stay afloat

2. Passed the Stimulus - That Failed and dare I say - never was truly intended to create jobs but to kick back to his big time donors - Banksters and Greenies

3. Passed Wall Street Reform - Wall St helped write the mother F*#@!ing law -they are laughing themselves til they wet their pants - the Dodd Frank bill is eating the small time community lenders and banks into extinction.

4. Ended the War in Iraq - just in time to insure they collapse into a civil war despite all the blood and treasure we invested in a stable Iraq.

6. Eliminated Osama bin Laden - He popped a cap in OBL all by his lonesome is that right? BS - he green lighted the mission ( and inside white house sources say that was even difficult) based on intel collected over the years from multiple sources and tactics. . . do not pat him on the back . . . this single biggest get is simply b/c he voted "present" once again.

7. Turned Around US Auto Industry - Stop me if i am wrong but Chrysler is now owned by Fiat in Italy? GM is in a tug of war w/ China and Both still owe a boat load of money to the taxpayers. He could say Ford has managed nicely but they didn't take a bail out or get taken over by the Administration did they? NOPE

9. Repealed "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" - WOW well let us just see how well this works out before we give him a standing O for it.

12. Reversed Bush Torture Policies - We still have black ops sites and no we have absolutely no guarantee Enhanced Interrogation Procedures are not  being used in these secret facilities despite what the Administration says - They after all have proven themselves willing to lie at a moments notice.

 In the end run Kevin Drum and the rest of the Momma Jones crowd - they need to believe that they did not get duped. That the President is the mighty Progressive Messiah even if he is only human and flawed. They need to build his image b/c his presidency has been an utter and complete disaster. And perhaps the saddest part of that is they know it all too well.

 So what are they spiking the water cooler with folks? Hope and change?

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