Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Maureen Dowd and Hillary Clinton Abuse Women

Why is it that Liberals, in nearly total numbers, simultaneously appear to be suffering from an acute onset of dementia? Oh never mind. I just recalled, the general election in November and the fact that their meal ticket to the dance is the epitome of an Abject Failure.

I guess I assumed better of Dowd. That she could not be swayed to fall into the patently false meme of women hood's subjugation. I had obviously considered her intelligence to be of a higher pedigree than "typical suburban mall-rat". Someone easily marketed to and corralled with hi repetitive flash media, alleged valued big buys and the consensus gentium argumentum.

Fool me once, shame on me.

Picking up and presenting Hillary Clinton as a beacon to the masses as the defender of women's rights movement is stupefyingly sublime. Hillary Clinton who elected to play Tammy Wynette's song role in reality as the Stand by Your Man spouse? The same Hillary Clinton who's sole success in the electoral body politic, was to be elected State Senator of NY/ Bluesville Central, USA- on the shop worn coat tails of her husbands final presidential term. The loving wife to Mr. B.J. Clinton, the very high watermark of Misogynistic definition cira 1983 through 2001 (as far as the verifiable record stands, that is). But of course to a dyed in the wool liberal, President Clinton did not hate women, he just loved them too much, ask Juanita Broderick if she can find some solace in that spin.

You may wish to note lesser men, for lesser allegations, pay, on average, a much heavier toll for such things.

But I have digressed, what is exceptional about Hillary Clinton's latest speech is what, with her extensive legal background has neglected or more precisely, chosen to redirect to, for the benefit of appeal to womanhood. That is, the debate is not and has not ever been about acting cruelly against women. The matter is whether religious institutions, their assorted faculties & facilities can be required by government fiat to provide for services not recognized by their religious doctrines and/ or dogma. And that fight is one they can not win in any court that is following its constitutional predicate. So the left has spun the debate into outlandish arguments of oppression placed on women.

"Why extremist always focus on women remains a mystery to me, but they all seem to. It doesn't matter what religion they claim. They want to control women. They want to control how we dress. They want to control how we act. They even want to control the decisions we make about our own bodies and health care.
Yes, it is hard to believe that even here, at home, we have to stand up for women's rights and reject efforts to marginalize any one of us, because America needs to set an example for the world"
Hillary Clinton @ Women in the World Summit

Now there several fallacies SoS Clinton made in this portion of her speech. First off extremist tend to stone or lash their women folk when they do not follow their religious based laws. So right off the bat, Mrs. Clinton is swinging for the fences with her rhetoric red meat for the leftist mob. Next the fiction continues regarding control . . . Failure to provide free Birth Control is now considered controlling a woman? Really? It was that simple to wrest power away from my wife And I had simply failed to notice?  Simply refusing to purchase prophylactics and a man could gain complete control of the ladyfolk in residence and subsequent decisions like what to watch on television or where to eat out and better yet what side of the bed he wished to sleep on- Gosh Mrs. C you let the cat outta the bag now. . .

Where Hillary really gets me rolling though is @ the line about controlling women's health and body b/c ( well it is two fold as to what is pure stupidity) the fact that an individual or an institution doesn't want to provide a woman with birth control is the exact opposite of seeking to want anything todo with control - It is completely a Hands Off Approach! One could say it was a noninterventionist sexual policy! And the other thing
(**warning sophomoric satire ahead** ) I find it beyond hilarious regarding that particular statement, if men truly had control over women's bodies well, let's just say there would be great wealth of men walking around with a spring in their step and smile upon their faces. ( you were Warned )

Ms/ Mrs. Dowd goes further to point out how the Democrats shall reap the reward of fleeing masses of women with their birth control clinched tightly to their chests, running away from the Brutish Neanderthal Republican party. As if that were not the whole intention from the very start of this chicanery in the first place.

Fool me twice, Shame on Me

Team Obama needs an issue to win with. The three year long economic destruction he has created via policy decisions is of no help to them. They are Desperate to keep their illegal war with Mexico ( AKA Fast and Furious ) in the back pages of the press. Their jaunt into venture capitalism on green energy and job creation was wasteful, poorly conceived, and appearing each and every day to be more of a money laundering operation for Obama campaign bundlers. Stimulus jobs that never appeared, more rigorous drone attacks over foreign allegedly allies nations, extraordinary expansion of the presidential powers in the form detaining US Citizens ( w/out trial) merely suspected of being in association with terrorist groups or the current legislation aimed to shut off demonstrations and free speech protections.

Makes one wonder why Obama and his cadre of cacophonous cat callers are screeching scandalous lies to the female American public, don't it?

How true and fitting is Winston Churchill's quote-" a lie gets half way around the world before the truth even gets it's pants on"

This is nothing new for the left to out and out lie and then direct the fourth estate to repeat it, in non stop fashion until . . . eventually, the fiction is understood to be the reality. How villainous Maureen Dowd is for purposely abusing the privilege her female companions placed in her, by feeding them utter contemptible BS.

A message the GOP should be getting out to the Female Electorate? Someone is definitely trying to control and manipulate you and ain't US.

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