Friday, July 19, 2013

What if it were in reverse...

Too much time and effort has been dedicated to an obviously sad and stupid tragedy that cost a young man his life . I just wanted to point out to folks that state- if things were reversed - If Trayvon Martin had killed Zimmerman in self defense 1) the national media attention would have never materialized ( the Zimmerman case did not become national until the Racist Al Sharpton & his National Action Network flamed the flames) 2) it would probably resemble the The Roderick Scott Case in NY

The fact that executive branch is weighing in on this case & the National Media hanging on it w/ baited breath is to show how willingly people get conned. POTUS & AG Holder have a big time desire to distract from their current dilema's. Obama is looking at a big fail for his signature issue The affordable care act. While Holder is caught trying to suppress a vigorous effort to get to bottom of several issues.- From spying on reporters to investigating the IRS targeting of political opposition. They are Grifters by and large.

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