Thursday, July 25, 2013

ponderously pondering the inponderable The Modern Alice's Restaurant

OK... if the IRS is going to share your financial information along with your medical records while the NSA is tracking your phone records and the local authority are monitoring your vehicle 's proximity and direction ... {breathe} all the while the precedent has been set to bring a successful prosecution of a defendant who had not committed a crime but had planned one AND despite that it has been fairly well established that if you can be deemed a threat to National security a Drone strike can & has been authorized to elimenate you w/ extremely prejudice...

how much is the tea in Shangra La costing the tourist from Walawala Kansas?

 ops... sorry lost my train of thought there...

 So-  the IRS is gonna manage your financial records PLUS your Insurance coverage right?  If You have a dependent that requires special needs and therapy and You decide you have need to move to a new residence will YOUR  financial information also indicate to a potential loan officer that
You are carrying a higher Medical coverage and therefore represent a higher risk ? Will it indicate why You are precisely doing that? Will it prevent you from moving into a houses that are not outfitted for persons w/ handicaps? Will it reject your loan based on the locality that you have selected to move your family to because that area may not be deemed accessible? Or Maaybe you are not the type of p[erson they want to see move into that type of community?

 Is that what the President is considering  "Your On Your Own Economics"?

 Wait ... so what if you get aggravated during some point of that mess? What if you start ranting like a fucking Madman & start screaming things like
" I Am Fucking VET!"
"You Can't Treat Me Like THIS!"
" You Oughta be Pumped full of 50 Cal Asshole!"
 & Homeland Security in coordination w/ NSA red flag you... (Back in 09 that is what the DHS was spewing to the local PD's  "BOLO (Be on the lookout) for Vets they can be radicalized by Anti Government Miltia groups")

 NSA Starts reading the family email threads between you and your liberallies and Progs siblings calling you a racist asshole because you think home loans ought go to people who can... you know... pay them off at some point OVER persons whom do not appear to have positive income flow.
-National Security tears out  a 12 page report single space in  type-font 10
"Oh Yeah this guy ain't right- he is one of those dangerous Tea Party folks." ( Badass VEEP Joey B and Senile Mitchell McConnell told the media- these dirt bags were all dangerous terrorists)

NSA calls the local five O (PD) into the investigation. They got pictures of you driving up and down the local avenues and boulevards. They establish your favorite haunts from the Seven 11 to the Gin joint on the turnpike - Establishing how you seldom fully Stop at the intersection of Gray  and Cromwell Despite the obscured Stop sign behind the overgrown American elm tree branches.

   They also note the fact you are frequently passing the house of  a bitter ex wife's grand aunt of a second cousin of a family friend who knows your Loan Officer at the Mortgage company Who in turn just soo happens to posses the name and number of the IRS Agent that has provided your info regarding financial and medical status.Related this information back to the NSA they track the Location of your cell phone to determine you are spending huge amounts of time in the lu according to the blueprint of your homes construction Cross referencing that info with the itemized account info from your municipalities water bill reported to EPA they are determining you are using excessive amounts of water on a nightly basis. Adding to this when they access your credit card information and discover you are also regularly in contact with a South Korean Deli Owner who's father was captured & killed by the North during water boarding interrogation.

 Still "Your On Your Own Economy" Right?

 Well let me tell you the shit gets hot and heavy after that... Suddenly your name is rocketing up the "charts" and "graphs" and "BOLOs"  and "CopaFeel"  & "No fly's" Lists Until finally, the Be All & End All  of lists. The "Terminate w/ Extreme Prejudice" list for The President of the United States  himself (AKA POTUS);  reviewed every Tuesday with immortal like attention to detail; promptly just after brunch @ 11:00 am and just before the Tee time at 11:35 am. The final nail in your coffin arrives when researching your high school records the file receives it Coup De Gras piece of information . . . You apparently wrote a short fictional story detailing the assignation of a politician who because of her abdication of responsibility her lecherous husband contracted Ebola via his well photographed penis. ( it actually was a much more intriguing and cutting edge in the 80's when it was first written. It received a a flourished B+ due to the abmissal popularity of the first lady at the time.)

 Anyway ... It Is still an YOYO economy

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