Saturday, July 20, 2013

Liberation of Death Camp Detroit & the Art of Grift

 It has been decades in the making. Rife contiguous failed leaderships, corrupt machine party politics, the desperate fleeing of capital in bodies, minds and ventures - all essential ingredients to making the stew called the American Ghetto. Like other failing desperate cities it has fresh new expensive playgrounds in a sad attempt to lure  families back into the rotting carcass of the once famed "Motor City". But families do not turn to ruins to seek gains in prosperity and better times, they seek higher grounds. Places where family is a cherished word  where children are viewed not as mistakes or accidents but treasures and promise. Families prefer streets that are not war zones for rival gangs and cops who speed through refusing to enter the crumbling canyons of abandoned buildings.

 Motown was once the city of the future. Destined to advance the charging full bore American Dream but what it has become is a  mangled wretched signpost on the avenue of Broken Dreams.

Detroit residents shuttered when in 2008 Chevrolet and Chrysler staggered by the enormous weight of a mix bad money management, poor labor negotiations & an economy that just discovered abruptly the fallacy of ever rising real estate pricing. It was Hell or high water. And the federal government extended a life line 1st through Bush Jr than a temporary hostile take over from Barack Obama. That was going to save the whole works -except, it did not.
  More rational minds recognized the likely reality- Chevrolet & Chrysler needed to get lean and That was not gonna be in a tax morbidly obese city such as Detroit. They were gonna need the flexibility the Union higher ups like to call scabs, in places as close as Virginia and as far off as Outer Mongolia. Talk about Competition! That fact also was not going to prevent a media industry from pumping up the illusion for the Commander in Grift either. The Campaign of 2012 was quite clear "Chevrolet was alive'... and by virtue so was the heart of Detroit. But policy that reflected " Das Capital - a Workers Paradise" mentality made sure that manufacturing had to get out of the land of ever rising wages and benefits. By the 1970's they were eager to head across the oceans to cut those expenses and still maintain a market in the emerging new middle classes of Asia. & even now in the ever darkening pit, the true believers blame capitalism for their misery, completely unaware as they stare at the last vestiges of shimmering light in the skyline through cyclone fencing, barbed wire and concrete barricades.

 & yet on the same day that Detroit faces its bitterest pill to date, for ill fitted faith in hustlers and charlatans the POTUS is speaking "off the cuff" to the systematic inequality of & bigotry for the Afro American Male under the ruse of an unjust trial for the killing of Trayvon Martin. Look no further for the empathy in his words Detroit, You are just collateral damage. Your plight needs to be pushed to the back pages of the Corporate media agitprop IE The NY Times & Washington Post. But you are not alone- the residents of Chicago and several California cities are there to commiserate with .

 To date the city has witnessed to departure of more than a quarter million people. The only poor souls left are the ones too poor to leave. Theirs is the quiet desperation of the soft bigotry of lowered expectations. All this began to crumble long before the current POTUS came on the scene But He grifted a nation and it's citizens with flowery rhetoric of social justice. Today Detroit residents can come to understand how it is that equality in misery is no path towards a world that is desirable for any.

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