Monday, July 8, 2013

May You Live in Interesting Times

Happy Post Independence Day! Time shrug off any rust you may have gathered over the Holiday & get back into fighting form this effort is usually a full Monday recuperation process for those fortunate enough to have business that takes off on the holidays.

There are thousands of issues that have crossed the road since I last made an attempt to post here. There is no way to address most of them w/out substantial back story- so I'll pass on that.


Elliott Spitzer AKA Client#9 AKA failed CNN Host has thrown his hat into the campaign forum in a run to be the City Comptroller. While completely unrelated aside from Party affiliation & general Scum Baggery" Anthony Weiner is in the lead to win the Dem nomination for Mayor! Who's next , Shelly Silver Attorney General? Pee Wee Herman for Commish?
Sodom and Gomoraha are spinning in their respective graves-... Few things will make people look back in the final usurpation term of Nanny Bloomberg fondly but these buffoons sure seems to be aiming for just such a goal - Talk about Low Balling It!

It's Deja Vue All Over Again
The Scandalache of the Obama Administration is setting off a great many flashbacks for anyone willing to view history and politics in an honest way. The second term of the current POTUS is reflecting images of Tricky Dick

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