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A Cranky Curmudgeon with a Mean Krugger Shillelagh

Wanted to address two separate articles the famed former ENRON financial adviser, Paully " I love ET's" Krugman.

In summary,  the 1st article presents the The Naysaying Prophets of Doom warning of a pending economic collapse due to mountains of debt un-envisioned by nary a megalomaniac ever, in the history of mankind. the Chief players as the street preachers, one can find at Times Square during rush hour, screaming to anyone who will listen "Repent! The end is Near!" are the Conservative TEA party.

The second Article is a "Have No Fear Obamacare is not as nearly as bad as those other guys would have you believe and besides, it's typical ideological warfare  from those right wing nutbags anyways !"

Article 1- Addicted to Apocalypse

The Professor has staked his claim on - "Move along Folks- Nothing To See Here" sort of argument. By saying -the claims of an economic collapse is even building and advancing, have been in the public sphere for a number of years now and nothing has happened yet.So why are we wasting our precious time listening to these loons?

 Funny how The Professor has played this soft shoe dance in the past though to the determent of his blinded flocks.  The professor readily admits to 2 epically flawed assumptions on his own part- a failure to recognize the the productivity gains thanks to information technology in the 90's boom and the market reaction to tax cuts in the early 2000's both of which he was an active soap-boxer harking the end of the world as we know it. But the more disturbing parts are where he was suppose to play the early warning system and either predicted pure unadulterated serenity and calm financials seas when the maelstroms erupted or he slept through the Chaos and Armageddon.
The KRUGGER was very happy to deduce Europe was going to weather the Financial crash of 08 splendidly. Those economies were All Set to hunker down and; ride the storm while we here state-side would reap the whirlwinds. Afterall They were  de-invested of huge dependency of  fossil fuels -They were the shining ancestral inheritors of Bismarck's Nanny State. Nothing could possibly derail them but for the briefest of moments.

  But alas the misanthrope, Krugman was so busy breast feeding his leftist babes of the old world order that he thoroughly the missed 2plus years of data building and forecasting the melt down of the PIIGS ( the near defaults and; social disruption of Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain ) nor the tumult they would create for the rest of the leveraged European Union.

From there we can point to another prediction The Famed Nobel Laureate has made on numerous occasions now- the ever certain demise of the EURO.  The bulbous professor of the dismal science has been harking that coming catastrophe since 1998 now, whistling past the graveyard all the way.
Note to the Town Crier, Krugman;  the four horsemen called, they said they'll get there when they could but they do have a rather busy schedule these days.

Of course I would be quite remiss if I failed to mention that in the pending two years BEFORE the ultimate financial crisis in 2008 the twice weekly columnist of the famed "Old Gray Lady" was shrieking to the top of his voice as though his aged silver mane were indeed set afire about the Super gigantic humongous Housing Bubble. Out of the literally hundreds of columns he submitted for print and were approved, he warned of this enormous threat to our very way of life a total of 8 times in 2006 and without mentioning the term "subprime" once before 2007. To be sure the professor knew the Housing Bubble POP would be a sting and drop consumption but He did not bother to give much attention to the rippling effect as the energy displaced from the burst- the foreclosures, the bond investments and pension funds, the billions upon billions of dollars represented in junk liar loans sitting in the asset columns across every financial institution around the globe. In that occasion, just one of the horseman, Conquest, I believe was his name, arrived and started a buying long on US bonds.

 Some of the backing noise of why someone other than the stupendous Paul Krugman may just have a right to get a bit hesitant about our debt and the potential hyperinflation


Article 2 - The Big Kludge

First off - One must admit they have a Problem before they can begin to fix the Problem offers the legend in his own tribe The inestimable Paul Krugman. Obamacare- ACA has a problem with Technology and that can be repaired. Aside from that, a bit of a weight problem, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the 2,000 plus pages long law or it's 4,500 ( give or take a dozen ) of additional rules and regulations. In fact, to paraphrase the Chronic Crooner " Kruggy" It's not as peachy as MEDICARE! But it's a good get for a few millions of folks while not such a fine proposition for the rest of the equation. A fabulous program despite the greedy interest of those healthcare professionals a.k.a. Doctors who arrogantly expect to be paid for services rendered at fair market rates ( a bad faith ideal in the eyes The KRUGGER and all his ilk)

Of course the rationale of Obamacare could be easily dismissed if we go to the free healthcare model called single payer  a la Medicare Model -SIDEBAR- (like the type of Healthcare all of our once friendly allies maintain - not so friendly now that they know we spy on them these days) - END OF SIDEBAR- just let the Government pick up the tap for you. Heck that's what they are there for aren't they?  Because if they manage your healthcare as effectively as they manage the national debt and foreign relations - What Could Possibly Go WRONG?

 If the Feds tell you, that you can certainly manage along for a week or two in the Emergency Ward waiting for a doctor of some sort, to pass by and order you up a few aspirins, make an appointment for the following month, and be sure to avoid   Sneezing with your herniated Gray matter protruding from your ear - Why shouldn't you have the utmost faith? After all you didn't Build THIS you know!

The point is, it ain't free. It is tax funded Healthcare and numerous examples of what our tax dollars can actually buy abound all around us. Those marvelously curt and brooding department of motor vehicle employees spring to mind or how about the road construction crews who do the bulk of their heavy labor precisely as RUSH HOUR traffic strays onto the pitted asphalt. Not to mention the wondrously diligent EPA agents inspecting your property for evidence of too much rainwater runoff and the ever so studious IRS agent sneering at your TEA Party bumper stickers. For the benefit of brevity I will forgo the multitude of other examples - I am fairly confident I made the point ( ain't that right NSA Agent Leerer?)

So where was I? Oh yes that's right the point of that dandy Medicare program could have been easily turned into a single payer system for EVERYONE. Just one slight problem- Medicare is unsustainable NOW. According to The Medicare Board of Trustees the path for Medicare insolvency by 2024 or 2016 depending how Obamacare/ACA is really being paid for - The Medicare board of trustees report

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