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Punching Back Twice as Hard

 Back in my younger seasons, I was much a different individual as a great many of us tend to be. I found myself wandering amidst random groupings, compulsive clicks, percolating packs, pestering posses, and fractious fraternities. Many of these were (mostly) harmless associations- like the "Gang of Summer Drinkers" of which I was a devoted yearly member of - our mission statement as it was, was fairly clear cut - to remain as thoroughly inebriated as physically possible, throughout the entire summer break. Another was the Decorative Scarring Gang- which the group attempted to gain the most interesting pattern of scarring (sans the artist with the tattoo pen) from any intentionally or not, fool hardy deed we could find. I believe "Sunny Ed" achieved the most distinguished scar when he plunged from the second floor landing of the never completed Rosedale High School skeleton to the ground floor thus suffering a pierced left shoulder by a deeply rusted 3/4 " rebar. And then, of course, there were the Brotherhood of the Big Boys.

    The BBB was a group that converged each break from university in my home town Rosedale. They would come down with wild tales, of all sorts adventures from tavern hi jinx to full scale barroom brawls to potential arrests for such vagaries as propositioning county officials while cross dressing. General frivolity and no charges that would stick allowed them to wander the through formative years gaining and amassing a great wealth of knowledge and intellect, with wisdom being the chief ingredient being distilled and removed from the product. 

  The de facto lead of the brotherhood fell to young man named Willard. Whom by virtue of being a few years elder to his fraternity, had weathered and weaved though many scenarios before others began to follow his trial. His uncanny ability to strike up an impromptu conversation was so effective that he could charm a snake from its skin. That in itself was a gift but to have it and coordinated it with a masterful art of manipulation of most situations to his own accords.What a Godsend!  If Willard could not reach a person by rationale he could switch gears in a second to baffle them with bullshit. 

 In his world he managed to craft around him, he needed not to shed the notions of an ubiquitous social justice as he became an adult. He could trumpet on about the inequality of results while in full belief he fought against an institutionalized inequality of opportunity. He could maintain his posture as a devoted follower of  master planners and in effect played the role of a mother duckling to the fraternity. The brotherhood seldom ventured far astray of the path he cut before them. Full faith in the majestical concept of relativism and a false definition of fairness or equality unless it blocked the ends to which they applied their means. At such an impasse it was a fair certainty they would employ the fiery rhetoric of the Jacobin Conventionists, circa the French Revolution or the positioning of the politically corrupt mechanisms, a la Tamney Hall of NY. They were not beyond calling for the heads of their rivals, intently inflaming the passions of their like minded drones.

  I was dazzled by the nature of their sense of importance. They patterned lives in a manner so distinctly different from the wilderness my life had seemed to travel. They governed themselves to carry their flags and marched in solidarity with the allure of perfect ideals. For them it was a cause to celebrate wildly  when, by  quota or fiat, it was established to guarantee the less prepared stood even with the prepared. The BBB rejoiced when advancement in positions far above competence and aptitude was achieved. More so when it was a matter of longevity than mastery All this made the world a place simpler for a person such as me the average, the inexperienced, the un-enthused. Alas my departure from the Brotherhood would not be comfortable.

 I began to awaken when I had to labor for my desires. I questioned why it was wrong to see the man who took me in to work at his shop, as an interloper... He was not. He was the purchaser and  shipper, bringing goods from one market to another. He offered some common products at close to cost and others less common items at higher rates to balance for earlier. The profit was not exorbitant but it provided for the costs of the business and the good of his family. Was he not extorting the townfolk by getting between the producer and the consumer? Was he not holding them ransom to his decisions about what he brought to the market? or was it he who was on the hook? If he did not bring desirable goods to a needful community he would not remain in business for long.

  I questioned why his values were fixed and non transitory - he labored for his family and their desires and need. Why he took such determined moments in preparing, performing, and finishing a job for the customer. He explained to me once ...that too much haste could create waste and discourage a customers return ...Too little haste and the customer would take time to consider additional purchases. 

 Over time I learned things I had never heard of before. Concepts of the Sovreignity of the Individual, grandeur of the Nature Law and moral truths for mankind to follow for the Good and betterment of himself and all around him there is not a moral relativism there definable justice and injustice. The rest of the trappings are minutia 

 There is incalculatable value in traditions, in the history of our predecessors, for the examples of historical evidence of forming a virtue for our society.  Finding a glue that unites our separate free wills to the betterment of our community as we labor simultaneously for ourselves and families. Something so massive with hundreds of thousands of decisions by a society that no one group of men or women could ever manage- perhaps not even a fraction of it all - because each individual decision is fine tuned to an individual need or desire.

We carry on our daily lives upon the paths struck by our ancestors who bore the burdens to set the stones of this foundation to our societies. It is  destructive to revision the nature of those sacrifices to a mere set of evils leveled at others. 

It was not malice that drove the great expansions of mankind. It  was requirement as sure as one needs to know the make of a soil to determine the best seed to sow. And yet none of these reasoned principles had been presented to me before. Had the Brotherhood known of these things? 

 Perhaps they had heard of them in passing and elected to scorned them as old tales of the mythical characters. Perhaps they turned them upside down and twisted them to and fro and inside out determined to find them flawed speculative reasonings of cruel folk types set against anything different. Whatever the answer was in truth the results were plainly evident to see. There is little sense of these things today in a great many avenues and causeways of the United States of America.

 So let's run down some of the pure unadulterated horse shit the Brotherhood have been pushing this week- 

- There is No Constitutional Obligation to Fund the 
 "The Congress shall have Power To ...raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years...."
Article 1 Section 8 Clause 12
[t]o provide and maintain a Navy.”
Article 1 Section 8 Clause 13

 An army is not a military- it is a portion of a military-and that, while the constitution clearly states it may be funded in two year intervals it has, in earnest, been the receiver of regular funding since 1798- While lastly, the Constitution mandates the funding and maintenance of a Navy from which the Air Force & Marine Corps were developed out from.  

-The Total 100 Trillion Dollar Debt Complete Right Wing Nonsense-  
The whole enchilada of on budget & off budget items is @/over100 Trillion dollars according the CBO & could easily become 222 Trillion dollars based upon interest rates and fiscal calamity according to Economist Kotlikoff . Brother Willard huffs and puffs there no spread sheets no balanced accounts to study ( which is a convenience for the Elected Political Elite to ignore blissfully and have no need to answer for ) That these obligations - Federal pension plans, social security, Medicare, Medicare and the deepest reaches of the Fannie & Freddie Junk Mortgages Are  spread out through 30 +years and claims we have time to build up surplus' AFTER the Boomers Retirement Parties fade set them in bankruptcy - here is the rub we are in decline on demographics- we don't have the generational manpower to rebuild surplus in these accounts once they are broke- and that means generations are already screwed despite their labor.

 Brother Padula is not afraid ( Nod to REM -It's the End of the World as We Know It ) 

 -The SpiteHouse Shutdown of 2013-

    Knowing full well the main portal to his signature piece of legislation PPACA/OBAMACARE and the data collection and storage of electronic medical health records are inoperable, the president and his junkyard dog, Harry Reid shutdown the government. Wait it gets better, they feigned outrage at the republicans they claimed were the cause of it. The Reality ( vastly under reported by the Liberal biased press) was that the House of Representatives sent up multiple bills to keep the Government operating- several of which funded EVERY Red Cent, Plumb Nickel and Spare Dime of the FULL Government including Obamacare but asked for two consessions

 -1-  that the Roll out of the exchanges and mandatory enrollment be delayed for a year as it was done for large business' 
-2-  That White House and Congressional staff be required to participate in the Exchanges just as the tax paying public is required to.

  But in order to paint the Republicans has a group of angry treasonous bastards, out to blow up the economy ( which was not even a possibility that could occur unless the President " Petulant" so directed the treasury to PURPOSELY default on the interest & principle payments ) they went on a campaign of pure dishonesty. In Fact as the shutdown raged - The a Brotherhood aimed such vitriol at me. I accept it in honor- one can tell a lot about a man by the actions and behavior of his  opponents.  

- The MSNBC ObamaCare Defense-

  A pure talking point rolled out of the DNC and their sock puppet media outlets ( MSNBC, The Politico, The Daily Beast ) is that Obamacare/ACA was a republican plan - "Why don't You support it NOW? Are U a Racist? "
 Now there are two arguments that the left roll out, the more popular one these days is to point to the Massachusetts healthcare that was called Romneycare- in fact President Obama regularly cudgeled  Romney over the head w/ this approach during the election in 2012 and Romney was happy to allow it to go unopposed seeing it as a shiny accomplishment that looked good on his resume for the Presidency - Here is the truth though Romney's Plan NEVER was anti free market or dictatorial as Obamacare. The plan was amended after he left the Governorship of MA. The Original plan never Mandated participation by Individuals or Business'. 

 The other argument is that the origin of the Individual Mandate idea was a product of the right-wing think tank Heritage Foundation. That much is TRUE, but the second half of story is what they will not tell you if they know about it at all. From the moment Heritage walked that dog out of the barn Conservatives Opposed the Constitutionality of it. 

  The government is suppose to have very limited authority and scope in our daily lives and it is never been an aspect that the enumerated powers of the Federal Government that allowed it to penalize the individual for inaction. In this case the Individual Mandate fines people for NOT electing to purchase health insurance based solely on the fact that they are living and breathing and will eventually require some sort of healthcare. The very essence of the concepts of freedom and liberty is to NOT have the federal government that acts to Coerce it's Citizens into actions they DO NOT desire to take.

- RACIST!!!!-
- Brother Padula ran to the defense of  loathsome troll Rep Alan Grayson who attack millions of TEA partiers by posting on his fund raising literature and electronic correspondence the image of a burning cross w/ Klu Klux Kan members in the background  

So I pointed out to the Brother that there were a great many black conservatives who disagree w/ the narrative the disgraceful congressman was attempting to paint. Well let me tell you, He was astonished to discover any Black people were in fact Conservative at all. I gave him a short list of some very prominent people he should be aware of. He thought the list too short and suggested I was being shameful by making this point given my lightness. 
then send him a list of over a hundred different websites by individuals and groups of black conservatives. I asked him not to hand it off to others who I ffend these people by calling them House-Negros or Uncle Toms. Or worse to utilize it as an enemies list and ship it off to associates that fully believe that persons of color should only have the beliefs of the Brotherhood of the Big Boys.

   That there is called punching back twice as hard.

this electronic address and device are under official USA government surveillance. Please utilize pre-approved courier services to pass along delicate correspondences

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Ed Darrell said...

But, the Democrats have repudiated their Wilsonian ways with regard to race. Sadly, the Tea Party took them up, with a vengeance.

History moves on; we must be careful to understand when it does.