Monday, February 11, 2013

Karl Rove- "It's MY Party & I'll Cry if I Want To"

Mr. Karl Rove & Stephen J. Law are none too happy with the base of the right wing these days. After having invested heavily in losing campaigns of CINO's ( conservatives in name only) candidates last November, Rove & Law, feel it is now nessecary to insure the Conservative base no longer gets to offer up individuals like Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz. Apparently they feel the politicians of the stock that Linda McMann or Scott Brown were are the last best hope for the slow dieing Grand Old Party. They seemed to have forgotten that it was the Conservatives who were out there in the streets & on the phones pushing/pulling/ imploring the candidates to finish the race.

It was the flawed thinking of moderate wing that put a leash on discussing Benghazi in the last weeks of the campaign, the sheepish establishment of the GOP that attempted to bury the narratives of POTUS's cover up on Fast & Furious corruption & conspiracy. The absolute refusal to discuss in any substantive the complete & utter lawlessness of the Imperial Presidency of Barrack Obama.

But so be it Mr. Rove, you are free to round up your league of shallower principled politicians that shall be working towards your ends while the Conservatives & Tea Party shall assemble a legion dedicated to the founding notions of the constitutional governance this nation is defined by. We shall meet you on the fields of public debate & discuss those values & We shall defeat you simpliy and thoroughly

UPDATE: Mark R Levin on his national radio program has taken a jackhammer to the meme Rove has build around his career. Levin establishes Rove's resume is padded to increase his stature in the Conservative Political movement that the Reagan Presidency ushered in. I Highly advise all to take a listen To Febuary 8th Marklevin Podcast the second hour in which Levin makes the case against Rove lock stock and barrel .

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