Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Real Bad SHITTY NO Good AWFUL Week for our Constitutional Government

Wow... Geez I have to Dust this blog off a bit. . . KOFF KOFF . . . Haven't really had ... ACH ACH ACHCOU! Where fuck did June Go? SHEET! My Lil' Girl is done w/ School for three months? Good Lord what a racket.

 Alright, Massively depressed this past week, As way too much shit got shoved up the US Population collective Asses . . . Like we were shanghaied by some drug cartel to be "mules" of utterly disastrous laws,
and marched in the general population centers to spread their plague like properties. YEP -that bad!

 Given I was AWOL iamma gonna start w/ POTUS' Fiat Defacto Amnesty. As you can see by the link (YES I DID just send u to a HUFFPO link- Now you can SEE how completely pissed off I AM)

 Let's clarify some of the facts on this 1) that 800,000 number is a smoke screen according to PEW Hispanic Center 1.4 Million are going to factor into this "temporary" Deferred Action. This essentially is President Obama calling off the ICE teams on cases that "MEET" the eligibility criteria.But wait a second - How are we gonna handle a wave of Deferred Action Request in the million number area?  Do we have that many persons assigned to the immigration department that promptly process that kind of work flow? -NOPE
 So what is gonna happen? A "De Facto Amnesty" where the Government will continue to extend out the time frame for the requests to come in be processed -If one has ever watched a law suit hit the federal government and be strung out  there for multiple years- That is what i am suggesting the Administration is angling at. Then it becomes a question of the status of these individuals while awaiting a deferred action permit. They are in a que for a 2 year visa application, What are the rights of such an individual?  All these Questions from a mere Presidential Executive Order.

2) The eligiblity calls for "Undocumented immigrants who came to the United States under the age of 16 and have lived in the country for at least five years can apply for the relief, so long as they are under the age of 30, according to a memo from DHS. They also must be either an honorably discharged veteran of the Coast Guard or armed forces, or a student who has graduated from high school or obtained a GED." Um . . . Exactly what is going to be used to affirm these details? School transcripts? On those documents who's social security is listed? Obviously Not the students since they were here illegally to start with - they didn't have a valid social security number on those documents. How shall we be capable of then determining if they truly did attend and completed school? Can we take their word for it?
  Will we do so for the persons, who as of June 16th 2012, packed up their stuff and crossed the southern border w/ the Mexican sanctioned "How To Cross the Rio Grande" comicbook in their backpacks?
Legally speaking, it is a can of worms with a whole alotta knots to untie but to the Left I am certain I will be labeled a "RAAAAACIST" and told I am making it too difficult on these "Poor Hispanic Children" (up to30 years old w/ no Birth certificates to prove one way or another the fact) Am I that heartless? First off I did not bring them to the country - their parents did -and their parents should bare the responsibility of the act. Of course there is going to be the question of those who are "minors" presently in the US without their parents as well . . . & a very real issue for chain migration

 Ok well then. . . away we go to June 25Th   SCOTUS decision on AZ Immigration Law Where Arizona Gov Jan Brewer was patting herself on the back for not losing it as completely as she could have. The surprise was that a unanimous ruling that State law enforcement can check immigration status of persons they stop or arrest if they should reason to suspect they are in violation. After though the SCOTUS essentially told them their hands are tied, it is completely a federal issue which prompted the always fierce looking Janet Napolotano DHS Secretary to basically say to Arizona don't even bother to call us for the 411 on your suspects. So that was a Shit Ruling - where th federal government REFUSES OUTRIGHT To Do 1 of the few Constitutionally MANDATED Items it is required to do. Justice Scalia's Dissent is Scathing and Honest but does nothing in the end but reinforce Main street Citizens that our Federal Government has NO Interest solving the question of illegal immigration. My only rational thought is that we should invade Mexico and then at least we will no longer need to do anything illegal Mexicans.

 Tuesday saw EPA decision in a DC appellant court that reaffirms EPA's legal standing to prevent reduce Greenhouse gases via regulations, by virtue of “endangerment finding” that greenhouse gases are a threat to human health and welfare — a finding that provides the underpinning for regulation of emissions from tailpipes, smokestacks and other sources. So the regulatory crucifixion is judicially backed - as of now Carbon Dioxide is the Greenhouse gas they are most concerned w/ but Methane(especially the bovine flatulence variety) is not in the clear

 And then Thursday's Kiss of Death  making June 28th a date that shall be circle by historians several hundred years from now, as the day we saw our Constitution torn up and the citizens ceased to be considered the keepers of the leash. The worse part was it was but gone having collected Kennedys vote to toss it all out - Something led Chief Justice Roberts to Abandon ruling against it & worse than that is Roberts handed to the Congress the Right to create a new form of tax to penalize insubordination by the citizens. He set a VERY DANGEROUS PRECEDENCE by ruling for the PPACA by way of determining the Individual mandate was in fact a tax and not a penalty or fine. I was crushed when I listened to live radio coverage of it
The breakdown of the decision and the dissent was expertly expressed by Mark R Levin. 

 Written somewhere around or about  July 4th 

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