Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bits, pieces and the last breathes

An imprecise list of Abstract thoughts routing about in my mind ...

                                                     ... Race and homicides...

    If we are to rectify the perceptions of the minority communities, that they are the chief targets of rampant and gross injustice chiefly by the law and order authorities and by society in large, WE ALL must start with this supreme premise, That communities everywhere  will need to fight and purge this plague of apathetical violence that is literally Killing Our Children.

 Oddly enough, we dedicate soo much hot rhetoric to "inter race" homicides ( EVEN Though they are a significantly less a factor in statical analysis than single race homicides - Black on White 8% - White on Black 4% - All Other Combinations and Minorities 5% IE: Martin- Zimmerman, Chris Lane murder )- either to spur public discussions/protestations or to counter them. As a self absorbed effort to prove the assertions which succeed in solely furthering their own point. - NONE of IT resolves a blessed ounce of the real problem.

  My point really is simple - if we want to see Homicides- of any/all types, drop ( Real News Blast- believe it or not; they are historically low NOW- despite what the National News Corporations are reporting)- we need to start putting a much stronger emphasis on LIFE being a valued commodity more precious than dollars.

  Consider something as broad as the American society taste in entertainment - I do not mean the industries themselves as much as our demands to the wide of array entertainment venues. Video games, television, movies, literature and music - those industries can/will cater to the demand of the general public. As well as any industry would do to continue it's existence and profit margin. They are the pushers and pimps who feed the habit- But we are the addicts- We create the demand. We ask the producers of this entertainments industries to give us Music that defames women, highlights our firearms and demands street justice. We crave violent sadistic sociopaths for our viewing pleasure in nightly prime time.We rush out to the latest psychological brain twisting gore fest in the theaters. Newspapers and News programs know the old adage " If it Bleeds it Leads" - so we are the consumers.

  No, I am talking about reaching out to our children. I am saying that we need to teach them about the value of LIFE. Not just the right or wrong or criminality of ENDING a LIFE. But the real intangibleness of each life. How each LIFE is part and partial to other lives - to the parents, to the family, to the community - how each LIFE lost to needless violence and murder is a lifetime of opportunities lost to the souls who would have intercepted, interceded, and interacted with the now departed. Blood of our blood, Flesh of our flesh.
Until that takes place- how can any human expect to be seen as something far more cherished and valuable
                                                        ... NYC Stop and Frisk...
          Regardless of what you think and how you may feel about the procedure - a necessary check to discourage police over-reach is always a warranted binding, because while we all desire to have a policing element devoid of human vice and fear- alas we have only men to preform the task. And with THAT recognition of fact, the same principles that conservatives hold about the much larger federal authorities and bureaucracies should fold in well down onto a community policing force.

     The honest and upstanding members of the population do appreciate the very real and always present danger our police officers are constantly in, just by reporting to their shift. We have full respect for the position they represent within our communities. I would imagine that most of us can very well empathize with the men and women who bravely wear a badge in our society- None the less, we must hold these individuals to the same standard we expect of the higher offices of justice. We can not afford to excuse persons ,despite wearing badges and the emotional drain this career path places on them, any lightened course.

   Even while on it's face, Stop and Frisk is aimed at Proactive Crime Preemption in high crime communities for the benefit of those communities.  It can not become a knee jerk response to immediately support or decry the policy strictly on the basis of ideology . Detractors have embellished the policy as deep rooted racism of the police force from it's highest levers to it's lowest. How swiftly would they change that position when they are in need of those services offered is a horse of another color altogether. But supporters of the Stop and Frisk program appear to equally over assert their position. How can it be Right to Stop innocent civilians multiple times based upon mere deductive assumptions? One can understand cases of matched descriptions and certain but not all furtive actions- but something as vague as a hunch needs to be reigned and qualified.

 Community support for Stop And Frisk is said to be strong but one would be hard pressed to find that reported in any substantive way in the ledgers of the NY news papers or on local broadcast stations. It is certain to be partially in light of the bias they have proudly worn like a badge of honor. But there must be at the least, a drop of clear support from the communities somewhere to put much faith in their sustenance from the citizens to claim otherwise. Long gone are the days of the beat cop Officer who knew all the kids on his regular tour. The city has become too vast and ever transitioning for such neighborly law enforcement to occur on a normal basis anymore . So even there, the notion of strong social ties between policing and neighborhoods are strained to almost diametrically opposed positions.

                                                            ...Blue Pill ...Red Blue...

 Had a Great Long Chat with Brothers Brown T this afternoon- he is awakening to the real state of the world from the political kabuki theatre, to life in general muddle that is likely hit a man in the chin these days. The constant flotsam and jetsam Should I stay, go or do both while screaming like Howard Beale in the film "Network"

 No Problemo Big Bro- God only gives us Crosses He knows we can Bare. I'll give my copy of  The Liberty Amendments ,Make you a fresh pot of Coffee and that ought to keep you on your feet til the next wave.

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